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A drama following a family struggling to survive as civilization crumbles around them.

Joshua and Karen Copeland, along with their three children, must battle for survival when civilization as they know it comes to an apocalyptic end. The chaos is triggered by destructive storms, meteor strikes, massive earthquakes, a plague, and the rise of supernatural creatures.

As their world collapses around them, Joshua uses his world cultures expertise and Karen her survival training to keep their family safe.

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Posted 03/20/17 at 04:27:42

Seems like the crappie shows are renewed and the good ones get cancelled. So now we are left hanging from 2016 season finale. This sucks big time!!
Eva Harrell
Posted 02/23/17 at 12:47:04

This was a good show I knew it was going to be canceled because people suck
Posted 02/02/17 at 18:46:11

Renew the show please
michael dobey
Posted 01/15/17 at 12:50:51

The end of the world is here! Well it was in this show. In the show which put many types of cultures creatures mixed into the stew of the end times catastrophe, we followed one families race to survive. And now we won't know what is beyond the black holes that swallow people!. It was a ok show. And we are forever left in the hole now. Sad to see it go.
Posted 01/08/17 at 22:15:20

The story is an interesting, but not new, one. The SFX need much work and the acting doesn't flow, or is that the editing also? In spite of all I did get sucked in and would like to see one more season, if nothing else to wrap up the story.
Posted 12/21/16 at 16:00:09

This is one of those oddball shows that I truly enjoy, because it has such an obscure story line, once you get into it and realize that the absurdity is just that, it becomes fun to watch. Meshing all the religions around the world with the end time scenarios and mashing it into a show really pops for me. I really hope it gets a second season, just because I hate the cliff hanger they left it on. (grrr)
Jeff sellars
Posted 12/20/16 at 12:40:24

Hope aftermath gets renewed for season 2 because it's a good show with some good characters but Anne heche needs to lose the permanent sun glasses lol
Posted 12/15/16 at 11:02:00

It leaves something to be an entirely new group of people. Seriously. I can't stand these people. Especially Anne "I wear my sunglasses all the time" Heche. I want so much to like this show but it's virtually impossible with the present group. If there is a season 2, can we follow new people around??
Posted 12/12/16 at 10:27:14

The idea behind this show is great. The execution is terrible. The family is completely unlikeable aside from the dad and Heche, with those sunglasses and knowing every single person they run into, is beyond annoying. I'd love it if they could find a way to improve it. Get rid of Heche and work on the other characters personalities. Maybe then it would be an awesome show.
Posted 12/11/16 at 07:39:33

12 episodes seen now one to go ...are we heading another bloody good potential series cancellation, yeah thanks bloody yanks and Canadians who don't appreciate good premises ...jez just tell me aleady ...with one more to go is it a series finale or a season cliffhanger for a second season ?
do i curse or praise a new season ...??

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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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James Tupper (Joshua)
Anne Heche (Karen)
Julia Sarah Stone (Dana)
Taylor Hickson (Brianna)
Levi Meaden (Matt)