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Network: Syfy

A drama following a family struggling to survive as civilization crumbles around them.

Joshua and Karen Copeland, along with their three children, must battle for survival when civilization as they know it comes to an apocalyptic end. The chaos is triggered by destructive storms, meteor strikes, massive earthquakes, a plague, and the rise of supernatural creatures.

As their world collapses around them, Joshua uses his world cultures expertise and Karen her survival training to keep their family safe.

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Posted 09/10/17 at 18:15:59

Please Please Please Renew!!! Best show in along time!!!!
Posted 08/12/17 at 21:45:10

Great show!! What the hell? Hate when they don't finish a good story!! Liked the story line and actors all fit the part so well. Please don't leave us hanging! Finish what you start syfi.
Posted 07/26/17 at 18:12:12

This is by far the best TV show that Syfy has ever had! I can't believe you cancelled it, but yet there is a new Sharknado movie coming out!? Ridiculous! Bring it back!
Posted 07/04/17 at 15:41:48

I agree i only found the show by looking at my ondemand channel. The show was absolutely AMAZING!my whole family loved it and theres not many shows that all 5 of us like. I dont understand it being cancelled. If the ratings were low it was only because and this is putting it plain n simple... There were little if any promotion commercials regarding the show. Give it another chance now that we know it exists. Thats just not fair!
Poni Kish
Posted 06/19/17 at 23:17:54

I can't believe it got cancelled. Don't start what you can't finish!
Rachel Martinez
Posted 06/19/17 at 12:52:12

Finally a good series don't take it off even my mothers likes it
Posted 06/15/17 at 18:15:15

Well this is this is bullshit y'all cancelled with show that was freaking amazing you don't need to bring it back. Also advertising would help to let people know that this show is out there because I never knew it was there never saw a commercial and never saw anything describing the show and you end it the way that you did much crap come on people
April Hall
Posted 06/04/17 at 13:13:13

Please don't cancel this show. This is an amazing storyline. I would love to see what happens next.
Posted 05/30/17 at 10:22:55

Renew this show!! It is a good one! Renew! Renew! Renew!
Leasuance Caldwell
Posted 05/28/17 at 16:27:55

Are you serious, this was a good one. It left you wanting more.

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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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James Tupper (Joshua)
Anne Heche (Karen)
Julia Sarah Stone (Dana)
Taylor Hickson (Brianna)
Levi Meaden (Matt)