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A comedic thriller following a D.C. woman who realizes the government has stopped working due to mysterious circumstances.

Laurel is a young, new staffer on the Hill in Washington, D.C. who learns that the government has mysteriously stopped working. It's not long before she discovers that aliens have come to earth and are eating the brains of a growing number of Congressmen and other staffers.

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Posted 04/14/17 at 15:41:32

It was the most logical and believable explanation for the idiots we have running the country. I loved every minute of this show. It is a pity that the network was so shortsighted to cancel this witty satire.
Posted 03/03/17 at 16:42:24

Please reconsider, we need to add some humor to the awful and frightening state of country's politics. Come on, the cherry trees are about to blossom!
Posted 12/17/16 at 00:41:25

What a huge disappointment. It was a bit quirky but had good writers and was a wonderful "tongue in cheek" plot. Turns out the premise is not that far away from reality. Please do bring it back for a second season. The series that have been renewed are not worth watching. I may watch about 3-4. CBS did not give this a chance by changing the times and always making the viewer search for when it was on. Sorry but your renewed shows are awful and I will probably cancel my cable as there is nothing to watch unless you are into vampires, living dead etc. which is not worth the money.
Posted 11/01/16 at 10:04:46

Since the final episode wrapped up the story, I didn't think the series was going to be renewed. Still, it was a good satire about how the political hardliners (e.g. Ted Cruz, Freedom Caucus) are obstructionists to getting anything done in Washington. They're adamant about doing everything their way, like the One Way and No Way groups in the show.
gary harms
Posted 10/28/16 at 06:55:37

This was a great show but I admit, to anyone unfamiliar with the pedigree of this production team it might take a bit more patience than most viewers were willing to give. This is the age of nanosecond attention spans and this show required a little more intelligence than the average toddler to enjoy.I'll miss it and I hope the Kings come back with something just as smart but perhaps toned down enough to appeal to a broader audience.
Shirley Shryack
Posted 10/21/16 at 16:11:00

Oh my, I loved this show, all the shows that require intelligence seem to be the first to go... So sad...
Posted 10/18/16 at 07:24:14

Oh, no. Such a fun and pointed satire about our current political dysfunction. Set up so perfectly for season 2, with Luke headed to Wall Street, but a bug in a cherry blossom in NYC. There are very few shows I miss when they're gone, but this will go on that list.
Posted 10/18/16 at 03:10:52

Cancelled? Really? Whomever cancelled it is an idiot!! This was a great show....loved every minute of it and you cancel it....that sucks!
Posted 09/19/16 at 18:05:04

Loved the show. Finally got to watch something out of the norm. Hope there is a season 2.
Ruth cooper
Posted 09/17/16 at 18:35:23

just read where MEW will be in the third season of Fargo, so if Braindead does come back, it will probably be without her. Great show, loved every minute of it.

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Genre: Comedy / Drama

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Laurel)
Aaron Tveit (Gareth)
Nikki M. James (Rochelle)
Johnny Ray Gill (Gustav)
Danny Pino (Luke)
Tony Shalhoub (Red)