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TV Tidbit: Season 2 of Chance premieres on Wednesday, Oct 11 on Hulu.


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Network: Hulu

A psychological drama following a forensic neuropsychiatrist in San Francisco.

Eldon Chance is a San Francisco-based forensic neuropsychiatrist who, after making an ill-advised decision while helping an alluring but troubled patient, ends up in the crosshairs of her abusive spouse who is also a ruthless detective.

Now in over his head, Chance descends into the city's dark underbelly while also managing issues in his personal life. Soon, his spiral takes him into an ever-deepening exploration of the human mind.

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Posted 01/10/17 at 20:03:43

Chance is good, with flashes of brilliance, especially in the turns by Ethan Suplee. Something -- I'm not sure what -- keeps it from being great, though.

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Genre: Drama

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Hugh Laurie (Eldon)
Diane Farr (Christina)
Lisa Gay Hamilton (Suzanne)
Stefania LaVie Owen (Nicole)
Greta Lee (Lucy)
Gretchen Mol (Jaclyn)
Paul Adelstein (Raymond)
Ethan Suplee (D)
Clarke Peters (Carl)