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Oct 11, 2016 - Present




Drama / Horror


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A horror anthology series.

Each season of this anthology series features a different story taken from the popular 'creepypasta' Internet horror stories.

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Freddy is my name
03/08/18 at 03:48pm

This season is so.....gross and weird. I LOVE IT!
10/03/17 at 07:41am

Great show! Hopefully it doesn't get stale and boring like AHS did.
09/26/17 at 09:08am

I'm already loving season 2. I'm a big fan of the horror genre and while I know it's not some peoples idea of horror, I really like it. I enjoy a good slow moving, non-gory, atmospherically creepy tale once in a while. This fits that bill.
12/21/16 at 11:02am

This is a fantastic show! Slow moving, yes, but atmospheric and creepy. Glad to hear we are getting a season 2. I've heard they are doing NoEnd House. I'm particularly excited about this if true.
12/09/16 at 07:22am

Great show! Can't wait for the many more stories to come!
12/07/16 at 11:45am

"I wrote better stories in 6th grade English class." Have at it then. Maybe they'll use yours. I personally loved the show. It was great. It was simplistic yet had a nice creepy vibe. Of course kids shows can be creepy in general and I hate puppets, so there's that. Glad to hear they will be doing NoEnd House. It's a good one.
Scott Triber
12/06/16 at 11:03am

Finally watched this show. I had DVR'd the whole season. Absolutely awesome! Can't wait for season 2.
Nathan S
11/28/16 at 09:40am

Great show. Glad to hear we are getting another season.
11/21/16 at 02:51pm

Loved the show. Can't wait for next season.
11/14/16 at 03:31pm

Love this show!! Heard it got renewed for a second season and they are doing The No End House. Super excited!!

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