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A drama following a family trying to survive after their city is invaded by outside intruders.

In the near future, Los Angeles has been occupied by a force of outside intruders. Some citizens collaborate with the occupation and benefit from the new order, while others choose to rebel and suffer the consequences.

Former FBI agent Will Bowman and his wife Katie were separated from their son during the invasion, and they will do anything to reunite with him. When Will is offered a chance to get his son back by collaborating with the occupational government, he and Katie are faced with a gut-wrenching decision.

Together, they will risk it all to protect their family, get their lives back, and bring liberty back to the people of an occupied Los Angeles.

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Comments (13)

Posted 03/17/17 at 04:55:31

Loved the show in the first season. The jury is still out on the second, but, so far, the pace is starting to slow down. A little to much for taste, This sense of anticipation about who the host are, and "where" the factory is, is starting to wear a little too thin.
Posted 02/11/17 at 11:24:08

I have different ways of determining whether a show is worth my time and attention. Unfortunately, I find myself paying bills, checking FB, and doing other perfunctory tasks when this show is on. It moves very slowly. There are probably about 5 really exciting minutes in each episode while the rest is just predictable plot devices. I'm disappointed because I like the cast a lot and was really hoping this would be a "must see" show. However, its teetering on the edge of the wall and one of those drones just might do it in for me if it keeps moving at a snail's pace.
Posted 01/14/17 at 05:08:34

Watched the first S2 episode. >>> No spoiler <<
Looking good as the first season.
However I think they should have done something similar for the first S1 episode. As most of the episode focuses on the day of the "transition".
Very much looking forward to the rest of S2.
Posted 09/24/16 at 13:49:50

Really enjoying this show !! I'm so excited for season 2 can't wait until it airs!!!! Awesome show
Posted 04/13/16 at 11:43:51

Good show. I just hope it doesn't get cancelled.
Posted 03/21/16 at 06:29:59

Love the show. Keep the same amount of episodes per season and i can see this lasting for years. (with great writers of course) The years of 24 episodes per seasons are gone (which is probably why most shows barely make it to the following season). No need to drag storylines on for weeks, take breaks, allow us to lose interest etc.
Posted 02/19/16 at 16:14:51

I absolutely love this show so far. Hope it sticks around long enough for a conclusion. It's refreshing to watch a show thats not the typical doctor or cop show. The only thing that's bugging me is the show never explains who invaded them and why is there a metal wall, is it aliens or what. Tell us already!
Posted 01/28/16 at 17:23:01

Haven't watched any of it yet, still waiting to hear somebody say who the "INTRUDERS" are. Honestly, we've held off viewing because we haven't heard any one in our circles talking about this one - or who the baddies are. Sort of reminds me - maybe they're the "OTHERS." Sine it appears Person of Interest is ending... perhaps the Inreuders could be headed up by Benjamin Linus???
Posted 01/24/16 at 19:15:58

I like this one. Good writing and plot unlike a WB/CW trash fest. Let's see how this progresses.
Posted 01/22/16 at 10:48:09

Already liking this show. But how can you not like "Sawyer!" I'm a big fan of Holloway. I thought he was great in Intelligence but of course that got cancelled. We need to see him on tv more!!

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Genre: Drama

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Josh Holloway (Will)
Sarah Wayne Callies (Katie)
Peter Jacobson (Proxy)
Amanda Righetti (Maddie)