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Network: CW

A drama following a vast quarantine resulting from the outbreak of a deadly epidemic.

When a mysterious and deadly epidemic breaks out in Atlanta, a wide-reaching urban quarantine is setup, forcing those trapped on the inside to fight for their lives.

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Posted 08/18/16 at 18:39:42

Wow u television companies need to get your heads out your asses and stop canceling good tv series
Posted 07/25/16 at 16:26:31

Of course you cancel it, it was good! Why do you even waste your time starting a show if you cancel it before the end of the 1st Season? Things were just starting to really develop!!
Why not dump the Kardashians and junk shows like that instead?
Couch Potato
Posted 06/16/16 at 18:38:50

Thanks Mr.Defarge for keeping racism alive. You could've went ANYWHERE buuut you HAD TO GO THERE. Jim whom posted in February your critique was right on point.
Mr Defarge
Posted 05/15/16 at 07:38:52

They had to get rid of the show. It was too real. when things go crazy the blacks steal yo food.
mike dobey
Posted 05/14/16 at 12:41:55

This was a miniseries. I hope it has a ending. It was an ok show imo. But I never got the feeling that this was meant to be a return series. At least wayward pines came back after being cancelled!
Posted 04/27/16 at 11:06:02

So far I like the show.. Hope it gets better.
Posted 04/20/16 at 13:49:40

This show is quite possibly the most Politically Correct, festering heap of dung the networks have shoved out the door in a long, LONG time. They crammed so much PC into the first hour it distracted from the incredibly weak story line and absurd plot points.
Posted 03/20/16 at 09:19:18

zombie crazz on the bubble?
Posted 02/14/16 at 16:58:47

Looked at the trailer, looks good, but; this one appears headed for yet another apocalyptic themed series. In one way or another we have [or have had] Zombie Virus apocalypse (Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Z Nation) Vampire virus apocalypse (The Strain) Man made virus apocalypse (Last Ship, Helix) Blew ourselves to bits apocalypse (The 100, Revolution) Invaded by Aliens apocalypse (Falling Skies) and probably several that I've missed. Most of which devolved not much more than Knotts Landing (after the property values collapsed and one of the properties became a crack house / meth lab). Where can yet another apocalypse take us? Ya gotta love TV for it's shameless borrowing/copying.

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Genre: Drama

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Christina Moses (Jana)
Chris Wood (Jake)
Kristen Gutoskie (Katie)
Miles Doleac (Lee)
Nadine Lewington (Suzy)
Zachary Unger (Quentin)
George Young (Victor)