Designated Survivor

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Sep 21, 2016 - Present






Tom - Kiefer SutherlandHannah - Maggie QAlex - Natascha McElhoneSeth - Kal PennEmily - Italia RicciAaron - Adan CantoJames - LaMonica GarrettPenny - Mckenna GraceLeo - Tanner Buchanan

A political drama following a Cabinet member who is appointed President after a deadly attack on the Capitol.

After a deadly explosion kills the President and members of the Cabinet on the night of the State of the Union address, the nation is suddenly left without a Commander in Chief.

Tom Kirkman, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, had been named the designated survivor and is therefore the next in the chain of command. He is promptly sworn in as President, though he has no way of knowing that the catastrophic attack was only the beginning of a much larger plan.

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Edward A Gourdine
12/30/17 at 01:38pm

Why is it the network's will renew and renew the most lame shows to dumb us down but when a REAL adult show comes they want instant satisfaction and won't give it a chance to grow....don't they relies that 18_25 are too busy turning their brains into mush! BRING IT BACK!!!!
Fan favorite
12/19/17 at 00:14am

Unexpected mid season finale. What is to come? Show is written well, and Keifer makes the show very believable. A very strong supporting cast and great writers. Can't wait for Feb 28th.
12/07/17 at 05:47am

I like the show and season 1 was great but I think season 2 has lost its way, following the death of the Patrick Lloyd
character in the bunker, the conspiracy story line has been all but dropped.
Now the show is just a political drama, bring back the conspiracy, surely Lloyd was not alone, that were funded, organised. Would they have given up, hell no.
Unless something changes.... my prediction is Season 3 and no more. That would be big shame.
Larry Doyle
11/09/17 at 04:48pm

Hatton see it go.
10/27/17 at 04:26pm

I like this show very much. Kiefer is a very good actor. So happy the show came back for season 2 , 3, 4............etc I hope!!!
10/27/17 at 10:51am

I like this show period.
10/18/17 at 07:17pm

This show has turned into one long overly politically correct political statement via the show scripts pushing the liberal agenda on its viewers through its actors portrayal of the left wing modus of operandi in dealing with real world issues.Sad to see such a promising show used to push a destructive ideology.
10/13/17 at 12:00pm

I feel entirely different about this show this season than the disappointment that I expressed with season 1. I don't know if it is different writers or whether season 2 was always planned to be more engaging than the first. Sutherland is much more decisive and showing leadership this time around and the episodes have a faster pace and are much more exciting. I'm glad I hung in there.
06/16/17 at 08:36pm

love the show
06/10/17 at 10:57am

My favorite show! Glad to see it renewed

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