Designated Survivor

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Sep 21, 2016 - Present






Tom - Kiefer SutherlandHannah - Maggie QAlex - Natascha McElhoneSeth - Kal PennEmily - Italia RicciAaron - Adan CantoJames - LaMonica GarrettPenny - Mckenna GraceLeo - Tanner Buchanan

A political drama following a Cabinet member who is appointed President after a deadly attack on the Capitol.

After a deadly explosion kills the President and members of the Cabinet on the night of the State of the Union address, the nation is suddenly left without a Commander in Chief.

Tom Kirkman, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, had been named the designated survivor and is therefore the next in the chain of command. He is promptly sworn in as President, though he has no way of knowing that the catastrophic attack was only the beginning of a much larger plan.

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Randy Mullins
12/13/18 at 02:45pm

Love the show. Let’s hope it will return.
11/30/18 at 07:41am

probably cancelled because it hit close to home of what's going on in WH these days...
11/27/18 at 01:22pm

I loved this show. Could you rethink cancellation
My husband and could agree on watching this!!
10/28/18 at 04:47pm

i can’t believe this show was canceled. it it was an ABC show then i hope Netflix will pick it up. it is a very good show and should be continued.
Erin Tomanek
10/19/18 at 04:54pm

Designated survivor is so incredibly well done and action packed! Acting is superb and the premise is different. Ive never been onnthe edge of my seat, anxious, elated, tearful from a political thriller before. NETFLIX. Bravo for taking this show on your network. Please make another season. I want to see Moss and Kirkman vie for the presidency!!!!!!!!!
10/16/18 at 08:09pm

Shouldn’t be cancelled! When will Netflix produce their own series and continue those cancelled by network tv? Didn’t watch 24. This is much better! Keep Keizer Sutherland in the whitehouse!
Kathy Laverty
09/20/18 at 05:44pm

I can't believe this show has been cancelled. It was the best show on tv. If it wasn't for General Hospital, I would never watch ABC again! All of you, that work for the network, need to rethink your actions!!!
08/29/18 at 12:25pm

I was surprised and disappointed to see this was cancelled. It was definitely one of the smarter, more interesting shows on television.
08/28/18 at 07:04am

This was a great show-- and that's the problem-- it was not conveying the "message" that ABC wants to portray. Do your own research-- the (formerly) top TV networks, the (formerly) top radio stations, the (formerly) top newspapers, the (formerly) top news magazines, and many of the currently popular websites are owned by a small group of people and/or corporations that have a singular point of view and a singular goal that they also want YOU to have. What better way to do that, then to pound your brain day in and day out with their message? They don't call it TV "programming" for nothing! They are "programming" your subconscious mind! TH!NK ABOUT IT !!! Why did they ban and/or de-platform the website? Same reason. WAKE UP people!!! STOP watching the "FakeStream News", and do your OWN research!
08/20/18 at 11:00am

Why is it that all the really good shows go off the air and are replaced with a ZOMBIE show or a DIM WITTED show. Are you related to the same people that took LONGMIRE off the air and replaced it with another DIM WITTED show. How pathetic some of these shows have become, and of course they are aimed more at the so called younger generation. We maybe older but we still are able to watch are favorite shows unless you cancel them.

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