Designated Survivor

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Sep 21, 2016 - Present






Tom - Kiefer SutherlandHannah - Maggie QAlex - Natascha McElhoneSeth - Kal PennEmily - Italia RicciAaron - Adan CantoJames - LaMonica GarrettPenny - Mckenna GraceLeo - Tanner Buchanan

A political drama following a Cabinet member who is appointed President after a deadly attack on the Capitol.

After a deadly explosion kills the President and members of the Cabinet on the night of the State of the Union address, the nation is suddenly left without a Commander in Chief.

Tom Kirkman, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, had been named the designated survivor and is therefore the next in the chain of command. He is promptly sworn in as President, though he has no way of knowing that the catastrophic attack was only the beginning of a much larger plan.

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10/18/17 at 07:17pm

This show has turned into one long overly politically correct political statement via the show scripts pushing the liberal agenda on its viewers through its actors portrayal of the left wing modus of operandi in dealing with real world issues.Sad to see such a promising show used to push a destructive ideology.
10/13/17 at 12:00pm

I feel entirely different about this show this season than the disappointment that I expressed with season 1. I don't know if it is different writers or whether season 2 was always planned to be more engaging than the first. Sutherland is much more decisive and showing leadership this time around and the episodes have a faster pace and are much more exciting. I'm glad I hung in there.
06/16/17 at 08:36pm

love the show
06/10/17 at 10:57am

My favorite show! Glad to see it renewed
04/28/17 at 12:02pm

Good solid series with a great plot line. One of the best offerings on the traditional networks. If anything, I'd like to see a bit of a bump up in the quality of the script dialogue.
04/28/17 at 11:15am

I'm really glad that I saw that the season finale of this show is coming up soon. I have tried really hard to like this show because I'm such a fan of Kiefer, but every episode is a drudge for me to get through. I thought maybe that was because it had to do with politics but then I thought, I love Madame Secretary and Scandal. So, that wasn't it. This show just moves too slow for me and I don't find the characters to be inspiring. This role is a real let down for Keifer. He rarely acts proactive, is bewildered and overwhelmed by the happenings going on around him, and is constantly being beaten down. I know that is the storyline and maybe that is the problem I have with this show. It may be realistic in how things would happen after a calamity like this but it just isn't interesting to watch. I haven't seen a confirmation for season two and I wouldn't miss it if it were not continued.
Patti Stewart
04/24/17 at 09:23pm

Great show
Patti Stewart
04/24/17 at 09:22pm

Love it
Michael Pettifar
04/21/17 at 04:40am

Best show on at the moment i wait for every thursday in the uk for this every ending is edge of your seat
04/20/17 at 11:08pm

This show started out well done and interesting. Kiefer Sutherland is great. But this show has degenerated into political bashing making Republicans out to be evil and Islamic Terrorists as patsies. I'm done.

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