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Network: USA

A crime thriller following the events of a grisly crime from the eyewitnesses point of view.

Two unsuspecting teenage boys who secretly meet up in a forest become witnesses to a shooting and end up barely making it out alive. Scared of being found by the perpetrator and desperate to keep their relationship a secret, they keep quiet on the matter. Unfortunately, they soon realize that the horrible atrocity they witnessed has changed everything forever.

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Posted 08/06/17 at 12:28:54

Okay so I just started the show and I. LOVE. IT. I would 10/10 recommend it and I hope some magical god will bring this show back. Bless
Bobby Heller
Posted 02/27/17 at 05:19:37

the show is a very good show and i hope it doesn't get cancelled. everytime they start a new premier after one season it get cancel.Bring Eyewitness back for a second season..................................thank you
Posted 12/21/16 at 19:48:23

Truly hoping this show doesn't get cancelled. Well written, acted, and filmed. With luck there will be a second season and a look at the characters' futures.

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Julianne Nicholson (Helen)
Tyler Young (Philip)
James Paxton (Lukas)
Gil Bellows (Gabe)
Warren Christie (Ryan)