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Falling Water

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A drama following three strangers who realize they are dreaming parts of the same dream.

Three unrelated people are each on a mysterious personal quest using their dreams — one is searching for his missing girlfriend, one is looking for a lost child, and one is seeking a cure for his catatonic mother.

Clues they find in their dreams make them realize that they are each dreaming a separate part of one common dream. This collective dream causes them to realize that the deeper they dig, the more their missions touch on stakes that are larger than their individual agendas - and even might hold the key to the fate of the world.

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mike dobey
Posted 04/04/17 at 09:31:37

This is a complicated series. It's sci fi and I am surprised to see such a deep show get renewed. This is good news.
Posted 01/31/17 at 07:38:52

Falling Water helps us live in the momwnt. Everything is interconnected. The smallest choice has profound effects that cause ripples through the lives of an ever increasing amount of people and, ultimately, on reality. I see this as slternate dimensions we create. The show is one of my favorites. Please bring it back.
Posted 01/08/17 at 14:20:30

love this show. yes, it was confusing at first, but it's coming together. i love sci-fi done well and this is done well. it takes some concentration which is what i like, intriguing and intelligent. i hope it has not already been cancelled. no more listed on demand and if it was the season closer, i missed that :( i hope ot's around for a closing and many seasons!
Posted 01/05/17 at 08:22:10

the previews for this show made it look very intriguing and appealing to watch, so I did, watching the episodes online. But the only way I could make any sense of this show was to read the Episode Guide AS I was watching the show (so watching it online made sense so I could stop and read the the episode guide as the episode progressed). I had watched two episodes and came back three weeks later and had to re-watch them both as I had nearly forgotten everything (it is VERY fragmented). For me at least, I had to re-read the episode guide to make any sense of anything. Maybe it's just me, but I just don't 'get' this show. I'm really trying, but I don't think this show is worth continuing. It's way 'out there'.
Sarah Berkett
Posted 12/18/16 at 21:58:34

This is a great show depicting human dreams, yes one has to pay attention.
Unfortunately, Americans would rather watch reality shows that they do not have to think about. I am hoping for a season 2, but doubt it.
Posted 12/17/16 at 12:06:03

This definitely a show you have to pay attention to and not play with your cell phone. I hope there will be a season 2. The actors, writers, producers are very talented. If you love the Kardashians or teen mom this is NOT the show for you.
Posted 12/10/16 at 15:03:58

The show depicts dreams and thoughts and is meant to be fragmented. Dreams are all over the place and confusing, which means they are capturing that part of human dream patterns quite well. I like the suspense and intrigue involved. I am curious as to how this is going to play out but I do also suspect the possibility of disappointment. I hope that's not the case. Like the previous review, I do suspect this show will get canceled and unresolved.
Posted 12/09/16 at 00:30:23

I tried twice to give this show a chance. Once by myself and the second time with someone watching with me. I knew this show was doomed when all of the "wtf" moments I had the first time werenechoed almost identically by the person I watched with the second time.
Posted 10/27/16 at 09:51:59

The first episode was very confusing and all over the place. I know there will not be a season 2.

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