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Network: AMC

A drama following two friends' struggle to open their own restaurant.

Tommy and Dion are two best friends who want to fulfill their dream of opening a restaurant in the Bronx. It's a painstaking process that forces them to manipulate, coerce, and even betray one another - leading them into dangerous situations.

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Posted 10/03/16 at 12:47:47

I cannot believe this show was cancelled. I love this show & the story line & the cast, one of the best shows on TV (so of course it gets cancelled)
Posted 09/13/16 at 17:55:02

I love the show, story and especially the cast. I am so disappointed it was canceled. This show was such a different story from the others on amc. I really looked forward to it, so sad its canceled. There was so much left unfinished and untold, so much potential.
Posted 09/13/16 at 16:10:13

Very disappointed this show was cancelled! It was a very well written with a great cast and great story!
Posted 08/22/16 at 14:47:07

Great story line can't wait to see how it plays out . Got to renew this it's worth the watch
Mary MacKenzzie
Posted 08/12/16 at 10:54:35

What a great show! I hope it get renewed.
Faye Wesco
Posted 08/11/16 at 08:36:55

This is a really good show and deserves to be renewed for a second season. Luckily I heard David talking about the show on one of the talk shows because I never saw any trailers. I've told all my family and friends to watch it On Demand.
Rebecca Marinakis
Posted 08/10/16 at 15:51:35

I think the show is great and should have a second season. I feel the first season was just setting foundation for the viewers. There are all kinds of ways they could go the second season. We will be watching to see what the station decides.
Nancy Clark
Posted 08/09/16 at 16:45:52

You have GOT to renew this show!! It's absolutely mesmerizing with all the secrets & lies. Love Dion, and the messed up person he is. TJ SPOKE!!! Come on - RENEW!!
Posted 08/08/16 at 18:31:20

Love the show...
Posted 08/08/16 at 18:04:24

Hope they renew. It's really different.
They are only averaging 440,000 viewers. More people need to watch it :)

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Genre: Drama

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David Schwimmer (Tommy)
Jim Sturgess (Dion)
Michael Gladis (Patrick)
Lorenza Izzo (Pilar)
Christine Adams (Rie)