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Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

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Network: TBS

A weekly news comedy show featuring commentary on current contemporary issues.

Longtime Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee hosts this weekly late night series that uses her unique comedic voice to give a nuanced view of current political and cultural issues.

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Hate the show
Posted 08/21/17 at 15:29:04

She must have some dirt on the executives at TBS, this is the only reason I can think of for them to keep it on the air. I can't even watch her dumb commercials.
Beldar Grazinski
Posted 07/19/17 at 19:00:51

I guess the DNC is outing funding in to keep this garbage on the air. Not funny in the least and as heavily laugh tracked as 2 Broke Girls
Posted 07/18/17 at 21:04:55

Quite possibly the worst show I have never watched. I can't make it past the commercials which is confusing because I love the show The Detour, for which she is co-creator and writer (assuming), but there is absolutely nothing I have seen in the commercials to suggest Full Frontal has any comedy in it whatsoever. It is at the point where I dread watching anything on TBS simply because I will be inundated with commercials for Full Frontal. Honestly, there is nothing funny about ASPCA commercials yet I believe they contain more comedy in them than Full Frontal. My guess is she should stay away from pushing her political views. Relax...he won. Get over it and move on.
Posted 05/03/17 at 12:52:26

Holy crap, did Samantha really comment in here?
She's really multi talented; a professional shill, online troll, and works to keep black kids outta her child's school.
Next thing you know she'll start calling bald people Nazi's (FYI, google what her father looks like...lololol)
Posted 05/03/17 at 12:47:51

I can't even sit through one of her annoying commercials. I stopped watching tbs all together because of her. She's a blabbering blue pill.
Samantha Bee
Posted 05/02/17 at 10:24:12

I'll move back to Canada when you change the channel, lazy jackasses.
Futck Samantha
Posted 04/18/17 at 16:35:32

Kill this show. That has to be the dumbest, most ignorant-unfunny hack I've ever, and I mean ever seen. Samantha, you are an absolute jackass that clearly sucked alot of D to have ever gotten air time...I'm sure the exec you habitually pleasure doesn't even watch your show. Tbs..spoiled kids putting other spoiled kids on aire hoping to make the public think their view is popular. Jack.
Gloria mayo
Posted 04/05/17 at 19:28:17

Take it off the air.
Posted 02/18/17 at 19:29:34

TBS, please take this awful show off the air. I have to mute the sound every time Samantha Bee has a commercial for her show. Vile show!
Posted 02/01/17 at 18:14:23

Samantha Bee should go back to Canada and leave the USA alone. We're none of her business. She's a big mouthed asshole full of pompous hatred. GET RID OF HER!!!!!!!!!

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