Good Behavior

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Nov 15, 2016 - Present






Letty - Michelle DockeryJavier - Juan Diego BottoEstelle - Lusia StrusChristia - Terry Kinney

A drama following an ex-con who is struggling to reform her life.

Letty Raines is a con artist and thief whose life is always one wrong move away from imploding. After getting released from prison, she attempts to stay on her best behavior, but when trying to stop a hit man from killing an innocent woman, Letty ends up on a collision course with the charming killer, leaving her entangled in a dangerous relationship.

Comments (21)

03/20/18 at 08:13am

Enough is enough... just renew. Great and enlightening show. Strong character and story line driven. Everyone I've turned on to the show thanks me.
Terry LeMaire
03/14/18 at 08:52pm

Love this show...DON'T CANCEL...I like it better than Godless!
03/11/18 at 03:29pm

Please do not cancel the show. I just love the actors and everything about the program
03/02/18 at 00:41am

Fantastic writing, acting, music, suspense, and joy. We laugh and cry and struggle with the characters. Completely entrancing. Please give us Season 3!!!
Jules G.
02/25/18 at 05:21am

Please give a season 3. This show is sloop good..
01/02/18 at 01:18pm

Best new show on t.v. AMazing acting on total show, must be the directing also..If they cancelled this show,I will be so disappointed.
12/10/17 at 03:24pm

Love this show .... story lines & acting are great ..... I can hardly wait from one week to the next .................
Please ... it needs to be renewed for another yr ....
11/30/17 at 07:57pm

This is one of the most original and interesting shows I've ever seen. I never know what is going to happen next and am riveted to the screen. The second season is even better than the first and I loved the first. Flawless acting by all of the actors and great writing. If only more shows could be this good.
Gail Thomas
02/22/17 at 08:04pm

When will it be back on?
02/04/17 at 02:06am

We instantly fell in love with this show. We have a ton of shows on DVR, but we always chose Good Behavior to watch abive all of the rest. So glad to hear it has been renewed!

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