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Good Girls Revolt

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A drama following a group of female researchers at a news magazine in 1969.

During the cultural revolution that occurred in the 1960s, one of the few things that refused to change with the times were the country's newsrooms.

When a group of young female researchers at "News of the Week" ask to be treated fairly, their revolutionary request triggers the start of changes that upend lives, marriages, careers, and friendships.

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Posted 03/17/17 at 13:14:01

Really good show.It should have been renewed
Posted 01/20/17 at 18:41:08

This show was spectacular!! So disappointed they didn't renew. Hoping another network picks it up!!! How anyone can say it's a copy of same old shows when it's based on actual events that really happened is beyond me!?? Great to see things from the women's perspective and their struggle for equality.
Posted 12/14/16 at 19:22:33

Same old theme, regardless of decade. Trying hard to be Netflix. Stay out of NYC, do something fresh, like KC, MS, AL, WI, NH
michael dobey
Posted 12/04/16 at 10:03:03

Vinyl was the early seventies , not the sixties. 1972. And it fell because it went into endless boring stories about being stoned. This had a better storyline.
Posted 11/19/16 at 02:10:05

fells like another Vinyl -HBO

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Genre: Drama

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Genevieve Angelson (Patti)
Anna Camp (Jane)
Erin Darke (Cindy)
Chris Diamantopoulos (Finn)
Hunter Parrish (Doug)
Jim Belushi (Wick)
Joy Bryant (Eleanor)
Grace Gummer (Nora)
Leah Machelle Cohen (Vivian)