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Houdini & Doyle

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Network: Fox

A drama following two great 20th Century men who team up to investigate crimes.

Harry Houdini is a master escape artist and debunker of the paranormal. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a prolific writer and paranormal enthusiast.

Together, these two real-life friends grudgingly partner up with New Scotland Yard to help investigate unsolved, unexplained, and possibly supernatural crimes.

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Posted 11/18/16 at 11:08:22

Didn't suprise me it was cancelled. There were too many reminders of Murdock Mysteries.
Roy Danford
Posted 10/11/16 at 03:17:06

Thank you fox for cancelling a great show. And keeping trash shows on. I personally think Fox itself should be cancelled.
Posted 09/16/16 at 22:36:35

one o the best on television, gives us viewers one good reason WHY IT WAS CANCELED
Posted 09/04/16 at 21:25:00

Love this show!! Can't believe Fox would cancel this and still show the trashy animated shows😠
Joseph Paesch
Posted 08/29/16 at 16:18:38

this is a great show. there should be more like this on tv. I would hope you change your minds about canceling this show. great cast that mesh together well great stories.give it one more season to catch on thanks
Posted 08/19/16 at 00:00:14

I LOVE this show! I can't believe it's been cancelled!
Posted 08/11/16 at 19:50:14

Please, please don't cancel this show or at least someone pick it up. SyFy maybe?
Posted 08/08/16 at 05:30:39

This is a good show keep it going somebody pick this show up please
Deborah S
Posted 08/02/16 at 16:39:41

Why cancel such a good show? Because you need to make room for some poorly written twaddle? This is a shame. It had good actors and story lines. Boo to fox.
Posted 08/02/16 at 09:18:00

Fox, please don't cancel this show!! It's the only original and well written show I've seen in a long time. Wish you would advertise it more and show re-runs of Season 1, which I think would bring in more viewers. Please give us a season 2 of this great show.

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Michael Weston (Houdini)
Stephen Mangan (Doyle)
Rebecca Liddiard (Adelaide)