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A comedy following a newly-retired cop who puts his plans on hold to help out his family.

Kevin is a recently-retired police officer looking forward to having more free time to spend with his family and fellow-retired cop friends. But when his oldest daughter decides to drop out of college in order to support her fiancé, Kevin puts his plans on hold and moves them both into his home so that his daughter can stay in school.

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Posted 03/21/17 at 16:04:05

I love this show, started out weak but it makes me laugh. Love the wife too, way better than Carrie. Chale is my second favorite.
Posted 11/03/16 at 12:46:13 The only good thing about this show is at least this time around, his wife isn't a total B.
Posted 10/28/16 at 17:36:14

I agree an updated Queen of Kings. Like this wife better than Carrie. I like Kevin James so am watching it so far. CBS has lost its way. Not much I watch anymore.
Posted 10/18/16 at 12:28:00

I'm not really into comedies but back in the day one of my favorites was King of Queens. I want to like this show so bad and I love Kevin but it just seems like the show is trying to hard. I'm not sure why they are trying to copy King of Queens with the same humor that Doug used to do to Carrie and have Danny back on the show as his relative and his best friend black all like King of Queens. I'll give it a few more episodes before I quit it. Also is it just me or is the wife a horrible actress?
Posted 10/17/16 at 14:01:07

"Kevin Can Wait Earns A Full Season"
REALLY? I mean if there is nothing else on to watch or nothing else in the world to do.....
Posted 10/12/16 at 15:15:28

Yes it's basically another king of queens but still very funny. Kevin James is a good actor and glad he's back on TV. Worth watching!
Posted 10/11/16 at 10:52:48

King of Queens Part II. This is Doug after his divorce from Carrie with a new name, wife, and job.
Posted 09/26/16 at 18:17:17

Love the show, very funny.
David Wood
Posted 09/20/16 at 14:30:16

A pale, weak version of The King of Queens. Central character is an irritating, bombastic ham.
Posted 09/20/16 at 06:02:40

just watched the pilot episode and I find it very funny. James's character is a little bit like his character in king of queens so if u liked that show, you'll probably like this show to :)

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Genre: Comedy

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Kevin James (Kevin)
Erinn Hayes (Donna)
Taylor Spreitler (Kendra)
Ryan Cartwright (Chale)
Mary-Charles Jones (Sara)
James DiGiacomo (Jack)
Leonard Earl Howze (Goody)
Gary Valentine (Kyle)
Lenny Venito (Duffy)