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Sep 19, 2016 - Present






Kevin - Kevin JamesDonna - Erinn HayesKendra - Taylor SpreitlerChale - Ryan CartwrightSara - Mary-Charles JonesJack - James DiGiacomoGoody - Leonard Earl HowzeKyle - Gary ValentineDuffy - Lenny Venito

A comedy following a newly-retired cop who puts his plans on hold to help out his family.

Kevin is a recently-retired police officer looking forward to having more free time to spend with his family and fellow-retired cop friends. But when his oldest daughter decides to drop out of college in order to support her fiancé, Kevin puts his plans on hold and moves them both into his home so that his daughter can stay in school.

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11/14/17 at 02:45pm

I used to love KOQ until one of my friends asked me how I could handle watching Carrie be so rude and obnoxious to her husband all the time. I thought they were crazy so I went back and watched some of the episodes again. They were right! How I never noticed that she was completely unpleasant was beyond me! I've never been able to watch anything with Leah Remini since because now she just looks like a mean girl to me. Weird I know but I can't help it. So when she was a guest star and then upgraded to regular cast member, I quit watching this show.
11/14/17 at 07:15am

leah remini has destroyed this show! why? it was a good show before her.
11/08/17 at 09:36am

The only way this show is going to be see a 3rd season is if CBS pulls a "Dallas" and this season was all a dream. Otherwise...bye-bye.
11/05/17 at 08:59pm

Agree with others, killing off Donna and basically ignoring it completely, really? I'm no longer watching and have removed from my DVR.
Good show completely ruined.
11/03/17 at 02:33pm

.. I thought they already cancelled King of Queens... why are they allowing to to slip back in under a new title?? What's next.. Arthur shows up as a Boss of some sorts? Killing the Erinn Hayes character in favor of Remini was a HUGE mistake.
11/02/17 at 08:57am

Tried to watch the new season, but I can't stand it. The "Vanessa" character is too annoying for me and I don't like how they are cramming her down our throats! I cancelled it from my DVR too. Too many other good shows on other networks in this time slot for me to waste my time!
It's Never Enough
10/27/17 at 08:06am

I can't stand the Vanessa character. I wasn't a huge fan of the mom, but at least she made sense. The only reason Remini is on it is so they can do KOQ Part II. I didn't like that show and now I don't like this one either.
10/23/17 at 12:37pm

show was good but now it sucks if cbs was smart theyd get rid of it the show is a waste of good air time
10/22/17 at 10:14am

Season 2 is terrible. They killed off the mom to bring in Leah Remini in some awkward role that doesn't really fit the plot. It is so forced and all the other characters took a backseat which really reduces the comedy. I highly doubt this will make it to season 3
Steve in Vancouver
10/12/17 at 05:42pm

I loved season 1, I loved Erinn Hayes and Ryan Cartwright.
Season 2 sucks, Leah Remini is awful, no chemistry at all, she is so out of place here, its like watching really bad episodes of King of Queens (I love that show)
Not sure what's worse the writing or Leah Remini

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