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TV Tidbit: Season 3 of Lucifer premieres on Monday, Oct 2 at 8:00pm.


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Network: Fox

A drama following the devil, who has abandoned his throne and retired to Los Angeles.

Lucifer Morningstar was The Lord of Hell until he grew so unhappy and bored with his life that he gave it up and retired to Los Angeles. There, he owns the Lux nightclub and indulges in a new lifestyle with women, wine, and song.

After a brutal murder outside his club awakens something deep within him, Lucifer begins working alongside a homicide detective to solve crime and dispense justice. His new outlook causes him to question whether there may be hope for his soul yet.

Comments (67)

Posted 05/15/17 at 03:34:06

Best show ever ;)
michael dobey
Posted 02/13/17 at 16:11:25

Love this one. great news. If only they added a few monsters to it it would even be more of a blast. Anyways. Who would have thought a show about the devil would be a hit?
Angela Wyatt
Posted 01/23/17 at 23:34:52

I absolutely adore this show and all the actors in it! Please keep this show on forever, or a very long time. Most of the shows I've enjoyed this last season have been cancelled and I would be devastated to lose this show.
Posted 12/28/16 at 19:41:44

Keep renewing this show!
Posted 11/18/16 at 15:01:56

I love this show! The writing and humor is superb! Please don't ever cancel this show. I am really worried that this excellent TV show will be cancelled. PLEASE KEEP IT ON BECAUSE I KNOW THERE IS A LOT OF PEOPLE WATCHING IT!
the doctor
Posted 11/01/16 at 04:52:04

He is actually welsh look him up on imdb
Posted 10/30/16 at 13:51:33

The show is brilliant,Superb writers and Tom Ellis plays the part wonderful,it must be his 'party piece'and the producers thought.....hello I hope it runs and runs.
Dave James
Posted 09/28/16 at 18:29:50

Jim - I am paying attention, the items I mentioned happened well before the vulnerability episodes.
Posted 07/24/16 at 15:31:11

I love love this show. Additionally, I am tried of good shows being canceled.
Katherine W.
Posted 06/12/16 at 09:00:59

I can't wait to see the next season I love this show it is very intertaining

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Tom Ellis (Lucifer)
Lesley-Ann Brandt (Maze)
Lauren German (Chloe)
Kevin Alejandro (Dan)
Rachael Harris (Linda)
D.B. Woodside (Amenadiel)