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Jan 25, 2016 - Present




Drama / Crime


Lucifer - Tom EllisMaze - Lesley-Ann BrandtChloe - Lauren GermanDan - Kevin AlejandroLinda - Rachael HarrisAmenadiel - D.B. Woodside

A drama following the devil, who has abandoned his throne and retired to Los Angeles.

Lucifer Morningstar was The Lord of Hell until he grew so unhappy and bored with his life that he gave it up and retired to Los Angeles. There, he owns the Lux nightclub and indulges in a new lifestyle with women, wine, and song.

After a brutal murder outside his club awakens something deep within him, Lucifer begins working alongside a homicide detective to solve crime and dispense justice. His new outlook causes him to question whether there may be hope for his soul yet.

Comments (112)

08/30/18 at 03:13pm

@penny it was already brought back. Netflix took it. You only read part of the news.
08/18/18 at 04:06pm

why would you cancel such a great show. shame on you , I got my mom to watch it every Monday with me, who is bed ridden, this was one of the things she enjoyed. please bring it back.
06/23/18 at 05:03am

I just found out that this was picked up by Netflix!!! Hallelujah!! Networks sucks and have no respect for their viewers. I am a very happy camper!!!
06/19/18 at 05:38am

My prediction came true. Lucifer is back on the air. I am the Plophet.
06/16/18 at 10:59pm

THANK YOU NETFLIX. You are so much smarter than Fox. I look forward to seeing new episodes soon..
06/04/18 at 04:05pm

I have a feeling this will get picked up by someone else. Still has potential. The latest episode was awkward to watch though. They didn't address any of the cliffhanger events even though it clearly took place after. Obviously because it was made to be a random filler episode for next year, but still watching it felt weird.
Patricia Graci
06/02/18 at 08:09pm

All I'm going to say is send the person in charge of cancelling shows back to school they don't know what they are doing
Than you wonder why people turn to Netflix, Amazon and Hulu
05/29/18 at 05:06pm

v al koloszar
05/28/18 at 06:28am

please don't cancel Lucifer, it's my favourite show, there are so many shows that should be canceled. Not this one
05/27/18 at 11:28am

I Can't Believe they cancelled Lucifer. This is the best show on TV. I joined twitter just to #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer. They keep and renew shows that should have been cancelled .

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