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A 2016 update of the classic action-adventure drama.

Angus MacGyver is a secret agent who has an extraordinary talent for solving unconventional problems using his vast scientific knowledge.

MacGyver helps create a clandestine organization within the U.S. government that allows him to use this gift to help save lives by going on high-risk missions around the world.

Joined by a maverick former CIA agent, the team works with support from the Department of External Services to help save not only lives, but also the world.

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Posted 10/21/16 at 19:36:05

Unimpressive in just about every way, even without casting a big-hair pretty-boy in the lead. Kill off this thing...sooner rather than later.
Posted 10/12/16 at 14:11:52

The first episode was ok, the actors are ok.. not sure it deserves to be renewed. It can be fake at times ...
Posted 10/12/16 at 13:24:14

Best New show this fall. Hoping for an early renewal.
Just Keith
Posted 10/11/16 at 19:42:23

Wow! BAD SCIENCE! As bad as the original series. I wonder how many kids are going to get hurt trying some of this stuff thinking it actually works.
Posted 10/08/16 at 13:38:25

Show could of been good, if they had cast it appropriately, instead of pandering to youth and casting a 20 something pretty boy. The bad ass hacker is also so cliche. To bad was looking forward to this show butt it is just plain bad. Richard Dean Anderson must be shaking his and asking why???
Posted 10/01/16 at 12:48:54

Much like Scorpion this is what you get when morons try to write stories about geniuses.
Posted 09/26/16 at 12:03:18

This show was boring and so slow. Also there was almost NO "MacGyver-ing" in this show. Use a Paper Clip to get out of handcuffs. Well duh, but that's not how MacGyver would have done it. He would have mixed up a batch of chemicals from Mouthwash and dish soap, built an engine from a paper plate, 3 wood shavings and a Cigar Box and sawed the handcuffs off. Now THAT is MacGyver-ing"
This show really is not a remake, its not even close to the real show.
Posted 09/26/16 at 01:05:01

Wow just about the worst remske I have ever seen. Why did they cast a 18 yr old looking kid and expect to sell him as Mac. Cancel this trash and to think you tools replaced The Amazing Race with this.
Michael Elser
Posted 09/25/16 at 22:53:24

Update: After watching the "Pilot" I have to say our worst fears are well founded. From the start this show rips off the earlier series and has turned Jack Dalton into a boring hack..My gosh what a blessing Bruce McGill was in this role from the earlier series he was a joy to behold!! Eads is a hack that has no talent what so ever!! Jack Dalton is a Maverick C.I.A agent..That is pretty funny!! We have in this new series..Nicki Carpenter who is another name from the earlier series and played by Elyssa Davalos for about five episodes, Patricia Thornton?? Related to Pete Thornton in any way?? and in the end of the episode they come up with a cheesy way to talk about the Phoenix Foundation also from the earlier series..I don't see any future for this series beyond maybe six episodes..
David Wood
Posted 09/25/16 at 11:42:34

Cheesy and shallow. Action thriller that's not thrilling.

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