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Sep 23, 2016 - Present




Drama / Action


MacGyver - Lucas TillJack - George Eads

A 2016 update of the classic action-adventure drama.

Angus MacGyver is a secret agent who has an extraordinary talent for solving unconventional problems using his vast scientific knowledge.

MacGyver helps create a clandestine organization within the U.S. government that allows him to use this gift to help save lives by going on high-risk missions around the world.

Joined by a maverick former CIA agent, the team works with support from the Department of External Services to help save not only lives, but also the world.

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02/28/19 at 06:07pm

Could someone find an answer Bonny's question?
02/08/19 at 06:45pm

Will Jack be back?
02/02/19 at 03:18pm

Love this show. Started watching late in season 1 & would love to see all episodes. Great cast, interesting gadgets, characters are written relatable to close friends/family working together and caring for one another.
Really hope to continue watching a Season 4. Would hate to see show end.
04/27/17 at 08:03am

One of the best shows on TV - up there with Tuesday and Friday nite shows!!!!!
04/19/17 at 08:46pm

I loved the original when I was younger and I love this one now! To me they seem like two different shows so I don't try to compare them too closely....different shows/styles for different times. I hope there is another season coming!
03/21/17 at 04:13pm

Best Show on Friday nights, love it. I do not believe at all this is a reboot, I believe this is the early years of Mac and Jack. Those who hate it, probably don't even watch it, they want their stupid Amazing Race crap back on, MacGyver is way better, and has better ratings. Renew MacGyver.
Denise Harper
03/11/17 at 07:35pm

Love this show. Saw the original but this is different time and so different story lines .my son and grandson love it also. Keep it on
03/07/17 at 08:55am

Cancel this show Cancel this Show Cancel this show. If you keep it bring back Richard dean Anderson. Till needs to stay with his alien monster truck show.
02/10/17 at 10:59pm

Loved the original and throughly enjoy this one. I'm not a millennial, I'm a baby boomer and I watch this one with my grandchildren
02/05/17 at 02:29am

I think the nay Sayers are all over thinking this.
It's not meant to be an entire "re-creation" of the original. It's entertaining and fun. Much better than the hundreds of "reality" to shows out there. Bring on the action/adventure.

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