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A comedy following a contractor who spends more time with his kids after his wife goes back to work.

Adam and Andi are a married couple with three young children. Adam works as a contractor and is used to his wife taking on most of the child rearing responsibilities, but when Andi decides to go back to work, Adam might not be ready for his new workload.

Adam is quickly overwhelmed with his new role, but with his wife's encouragement and help from some equally stressed-out parents, he might just be able to figure this whole parenting thing out.

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Posted 05/18/17 at 16:17:02

So glad this show is renewed! Man With a Plan, Superior Donuts, American Housewife and Big Bang Theory (of course) are my favorite shows. And all are being renewed! :) I am glad to see the older actors back and I loved Liza Snyder in Yes, Dear too! I hope this show sticks around for many more years like Big Bang has. :)
Posted 03/20/17 at 18:13:50

Makes me laugh, better than a lot of the series this season.Hope they keep it.
Laurie Thomas
Posted 03/16/17 at 22:06:25

I love man with a plan. I'm constantly laughing. It's way better than Kevin can wait.
Posted 01/25/17 at 12:52:29

Pope, maybe you should actually watch more than a few episodes before you make idiotic comments. I'm not surprised you don't know what the show is about due to the lack of your intelligence. That said, love the show, laugh constantly, and pray it does not get cancelled. Really relates to everyday life, if you have children that is. And Pope, the writers do not need any of your sorry advice! Maybe you can come up with one that is better..... not.
Posted 01/24/17 at 08:17:06

I LOVE this show. I think this is a much better fit for Matt LeBlanc than the dumb character he played on Friends. Also love Liza Snyder. They make a good pair. I hope it doesn't get cancelled.
Posted 11/19/16 at 02:16:12

they bringing back the 1990's stars back with family shows again
Posted 11/09/16 at 13:16:58

After a few episodes (4 or 5 I think) I still can't pin down what this show is supposed to be about. You almost NEVER see the children. And if you do, they aren't ACTUALLY part of the story. Thus far the show seems to be about how Adam (LeBlanc) deals with the teacher at the school of the youngest daughter. Then throw in some interaction with the wife to show that he's not doing things how she would do it. Does this constitute a series???? This show seems to generally be wandering aimlessly with no real purpose. Here's a tip for writers/producer/networks... actually have a PURPOSE for the show/characters rather than just writing any old thing because you have some "star" willing to play a character. This show REALLY seems like it was created out of thin air because LeBlanc was looking for something to do.
Posted 10/28/16 at 17:31:58

I am a big Matt LaBlanc fan but he is far better than this show.

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Genre: Comedy

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Matt LeBlanc (Adam)
Liza Snyder (Andi)
Grace Kaufman (Kate)
Matthew McCann (Teddy)
Hala Finley (Emme)
Matt Cook (Lowell)
Jessica Chaffin (Marie)