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A drama following an off-the-grid clan's struggle for power in the hills of Appalachia.

The Farrell clan have been living in rural Kentucky as long as anybody can remember. They live off the grid and above the law on their mountaintop residence in the mysterious and rugged hills of modern-day Appalachia.

Together they will do whatever it takes to defend their way of life and protect their world.

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Posted 07/19/17 at 10:36:01

This is an awesome show. Cancel one of the stupid reality shows. At least this was different and I am still pissed that Salem was canceled. quit canceling shows without giving them a way to end it. I about ready to give up on your station all together WGN!
Posted 06/22/17 at 10:40:23

Oh no...I love this show. I tried to watch it live but couldn't and WGN is not offered as an ON DEMAND thru Suddenlink. So a friend DVRed it. Wish the other networks would pick it up. USA or TNT. WGN should be accessible thru ON DEMAND and the shows they cancelled would have had a chance to thrive. Many in other areas of the US have never heard of WGN.
Posted 06/03/17 at 10:37:59

AMC, TNT or FX should pick up Outsiders and Underground. That would make any of those networks even more intense, AMC with Walking Dead & Fear the Walking Dead. FX with Fargo & American Horror Story, TNT with The Last Ship & Animal Kingdom. All of those are heavy hitters on those networks adding Outsiders or Underground to any of them would be awesome; FOR REAL, FOR REAL. Lets do it.
Posted 06/01/17 at 18:06:02

Please FX pickup this show.
Posted 05/28/17 at 14:26:02

Figures, get another good show and leave a cliff hanger then boom, cancel it without even a final show or idea of them handling the town coming together. Thanks A lot, why don't you cancel one of the damn shows that is so damn stupid no one cares to watch at all.
Posted 05/26/17 at 03:39:28

Seriously?? This is was so different for the normal cap out there to watch! One of the f w shows my husband and I saw together!!! It was great entertainment with lots of plot lines and great stories!! This is crap you cancelled it! Bring it back please!!!!
Michele Azevedo
Posted 05/22/17 at 15:47:32

I am so mad they cancelled the Outsiders it was my favorite show. Every time I find a show I love it gets the ax. BRING BACK THE OUTSIDERS!!!!!!
Posted 05/09/17 at 10:30:29

** "Since Outsiders was WGN's highest rated unscripted show, one must wonder why it would be cancelled. " **
WGNA is basically canceling all original drama programming.
The network tried to make a name for itself the way FX and AMC did, and they had fantastic shows, but the ratings never bumped. They already dropped Salem and Outsiders, and Underground is probably going to be shopped around by Sony if there's somewhere that'll pay for it. Otherwise, WGNA will be just a rerun/reality station -- they tried and failed to be something else and had to get out of the game after losing too much money and getting too little credit for the effort.
Posted 05/06/17 at 20:50:03

I'm so upset that they canceled this show. It was so good and it left with so many unanswered questions and it was getting better each episode. So bummed.
Posted 05/06/17 at 16:44:28

NO WAY, such terrible news. This was a favorite show of ours. I'm hoping this great show and its interesting characters git git ya themselves to another network fast!

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Genre: Drama

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David Morse (Big Foster)
Joe Anderson (Asa)
Gillian Alexy (G’Winveer)
Ryan Hurst (Lil Foster)
Kyle Gallner (Hasil)