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May 22, 2016 - Present




Drama / Fantasy


Jesse - Dominic CooperTulip - Ruth NeggaCassidy - Joseph GilgunHugo - W. Earl BrownFiore - Tom BrookeArseface - Ian CollettiEmily - Lucy GriffithsOdin - Jackie Earle HaleyDonnie - Derek WilsonDeBlanc - Anatol Yusef

A drama following a preacher inhabited by an entity that gives him an unusual power.

Jesse Custer is a conflicted, small-town Texas preacher who is possessed by a mysterious, supernatural entity that enables him to develop a highly unconventional power. Joined by his ex-girlfriend and an Irish vagabond, Jesse sets out on a journey to literally find God.

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01/13/18 at 07:56am

Really like Season 1 but after 3 episodes into Season 2 I just can't do it. It is horrible now.
09/12/17 at 05:03am

My first comment contained too much accurate criticism and that's why it wasn't approved. Hopefully this one is toned down enough to be posted. I liked season 1 but didn't know whether I wanted to continue watching it. Now in spite of its flaws I am hooked and I have to see what happens to these characters next season.
04/18/17 at 04:36am

Love preacher! Just started watching it on demand. All of the sudden it's gone. Even my recorded shows are gone! Anyone know why?
12/09/16 at 12:26pm

WhooHoo. Iam so happy. I love this show and can't wait to see what mayhem they will cause in the next town they inhabit.
10/19/16 at 10:56am

Great show. Was a little slow, but picked up and just soars. Glad it got picked up.
08/04/16 at 02:18pm

I like how people say they tried to give this show a chance and didnt even watch 1 full episode. thats not trying. watch 3 episodes. THATS trying.
Incidentally, this show is crazy and totally not what I expected and I LOVED it. I hope it comes back for more.
07/07/16 at 01:11pm

Best new show on TV its like a hour of Tarantino every Sunday night LOVE IT
06/24/16 at 06:41am

The fist episode was slow and strange--in some ways in reminded me of a Quentin Tarantino film. But I gave it another shot and the second episode picked right up and so now I'm into it. Absolutely love the Preacher and his mysterious character, And I love Cassidy and his sharp tongue. Hope it gets renewed.
Couch Potato
06/15/16 at 06:31pm

Supernatural continues...First episode was slow as to establish the characters. Picked up nicely by the 3rd episode. If AMC allows the writers to follow the graphic novel storyline, add this show to your DVR list.
06/02/16 at 06:37am

Tried to give this show a chance, but became quickly bored within the first half hour. Will b shocked if it's renewed.

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