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A medical drama following a tech tycoon who founds a cutting-edge hospital.

James Bell is a young, yet accomplished, tech billionaire who sets out to build the ultimate hospital that uses a cutting-edge approach to medicine. To help him, he enlists a veteran surgeon with a controversial past to join him in his quest to treat the most rare & insurmountable medical mysteries.

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Posted 11/22/16 at 13:30:04

I think the technology is awesome on this show. Can't believe it's not being renewed.
michael dobey
Posted 11/22/16 at 11:20:01

Well another show bites the dust I wonder if this was based on the 1980's movie of the same name.
Posted 11/21/16 at 21:38:22

It's a shame this series hasn't been renewed for another season. I find it interesting, though a bit far fetched to expect such things in the real world at this point and time.
Posted 11/19/16 at 08:20:03

I don't care if this show is basically sci-fi. There are many real creations inspired by TV shows. Our first space shuttle was named from Star Trek. Real terminology is copied from the minds of the TV writers. I think this show is ambitious and inspired.
Posted 11/12/16 at 18:25:58

Okay. I forced myself to watch this 3 times and I just can't take it. Apparently FDA approval does not exist on anything. Any wacky experimental idea they think of they use on anybody. Not to mention the really bad fat suit on the lady in this last episode... stop the agony
Posted 11/10/16 at 21:19:27

Looking for episode 3 - I like this idea of the future.3-D printing is already here, spider silk really is one of the strongest natural materials, and humans, well, they're human. I am choosing to suspend disbelief, to be amazed at the science, and to be entertained.
Posted 11/10/16 at 10:36:23

I couldn't bring myself to watch this. The one guy has such a punchable face it made me crazy just watching the commercials.
It also bugged me about how he's promising everyone that everything is going to be fine when he's not even a doctor. Not even doctors should really promise that to everyone, it's not fair to anyone involved.
Just Keith
Posted 11/06/16 at 11:16:05

I was wondering when they were going to add the Unicorns and Leprechauns. Apparently it's part of the premise.
Posted 10/29/16 at 22:13:56

Good to see "House" is renewed for another season ... /sarcasm off
Posted 10/28/16 at 17:30:24

This one looks like one I might watch. Definitely liked the pilot.

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Genre: Drama / Medical

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Dermot Mulroney (Walter)
Augustus Prew (James)
Reshma Shetty (Talaikha)
Brenda Song (Angie)
Odette Annable (Zoe)
Aaron Jennings (Malik)
Ward Horton (Dr. Scott)