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A dramatic comedy following the road crew on a band's major tour.

Created by Cameron Crowe, this music-infused dramatic comedy follows the unsung heroes who put an arena rock band's tour on the road. This committed group of roadies live for music and spend all the funny, romantic, and reckless moments of their lives with the de facto family they've formed along the way.

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Posted 05/15/17 at 12:59:35

Please bring back show. Netflix please pick it up!
Posted 01/29/17 at 12:23:30

Yes, no violence, no killing, just regular dedicated people doing a necessary thankless job happily together as a family. Kinda like a circus. It was a great show, human warm fun. The kind of show that used to get another season and became classics like Cheers, Married with children, l in the family, Deadwood, Carnival, need I go on.
Posted 10/28/16 at 13:35:03

Note to Netflix: Please pick up this show!
Posted 10/17/16 at 04:17:06

What a shame it was cancelled. It was a quality show with great music, wonderful cameo's and an engaging story. I really enjoyed the show.
Posted 09/14/16 at 21:04:37

Great show! Very entertaining. It is a pleasure to watch and the guest music groups are great. Hope the show is renewed! Season finale was perfect.
Posted 09/11/16 at 19:40:52

Ahhh....yes, if you hate this just don't get it. My husband and I were so disappointed when we went to watch it tonight. I see that the season is over!!! Ordinarily, he does not watch TV, so it is the only show we can watch together. We grew up in the 70's. He still plays guitar and restores guitars, mandolins, and banjos. We love the characters, the music, and the story. It is pure entertainment. Great work Cameron. Please continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan Varley
Posted 09/10/16 at 21:51:01

I set my TiVo up to catch this show but put off watching it until after the season 1 finale was recorded because of the bad reviews. I decided to watch the first show which was engaging enough to prompt my viewing the second episode. That led to binge watching the next eight episodes. A wonderfully engaging show for a non-music fan like myself. Great acting brought life to compelling characters living and working in an industry few of us would ever experience.
Tony Vieceli
Posted 09/02/16 at 21:50:30

Sadly, I think the show got cancelled.
Mr. Ed
Posted 08/30/16 at 06:44:33

I always thought the story\stories were good, characters compelling and the quirkiness was interesting, but episode 8 when the history on the bus happened, that was outstanding certainly the peak of the season and the live footage from Knebworth was really incredible. The season finale with all the artists showing up and playing Willin was also truly outstanding. If for no other reasons (and heaven forbid the show not returning) this will live on as some of the best theater available. Nice to be able to say and feel that in this age of disposable TV
Carrie Kern
Posted 08/30/16 at 01:38:27

I love the show! Please bring it back.

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Genre: Comedy / Drama

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Luke Wilson (Bill)
Carla Gugino (Shelli)
Imogen Poots (Kelly)
Rafe Spall (Reg)
Keisha Castle-Hughes (Donna)
Peter Cambor (Milo)
Richard Baker (Jesse)
Ron White (Phil)
Catero Alain Colbert (Tom)
Rainn Wilson (Bryce)
Christopher Backus (Rick)