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Rush Hour

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Network: CBS

A buddy cop drama that re-imagines the hit film franchise.

Detective Lee is a reserved, by-the-book detective from Hong Kong who is a master martial artist. Detective Carter is the complete opposite - a maverick LAPD cop who plays by his own rules.

Detective Lee has come to Los Angeles to avenge the alleged death of his sister and look into her connection to a Chinese organized crime ring. When Lee and Carter are forced to pair up, cultures clash and personalities collide - but they do make a formidable team that gets results.

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Posted 02/22/17 at 06:10:34

Was doomed from the very first episode.
Posted 08/22/16 at 22:34:08

I remember movies and thought show would be stupid but I gave it a chance and it was entertaining.
Posted 05/29/16 at 09:04:57

This was a good show and a good cast. Very disappointing that they throw shows away so quickly.
mike dobey
Posted 05/20/16 at 17:44:18

this came too late. most people barely remember the movies , if they had tried this ten years ago.... no , it still would have bombed probably.
Posted 05/17/16 at 12:04:45

Well that took long enough. Should have been cancelled 5 minutes after it was green lit.
Posted 04/26/16 at 11:48:07

Stop all the remakes and reboot. Be orifginal.
Posted 04/15/16 at 16:37:04

Oh, and the cousin is hilarious....I like him.
Posted 04/15/16 at 16:35:41

Well, duh!....of course, Rush Hour without the original stars isn't gonna be the same!!
OMG, Chan and Tucker would want such huge salaries for the TV show it would just be way too expensive to make. In case nobody's noticed TV shows based on movies are the "cheap seats."....(another duh)....
However, I like this show. I LIKE that Yoo is doing most of his own stunts&fighting (he started as a stuntman), and I really like Hines' brand of humor--he's a Chris Rock knock-off and I like Chris Rock.
The script has some holes in it every now and then, but if the ratings go up, the advertising money will be coming in and the producers will be able to hire better writers.
In the meantime, I'm good with the show and look forward to it each week. Very few "action" shows on TV and I like this one.
David Wood
Posted 04/01/16 at 20:15:57

Asian guy was bland and gawky. Black guy was a yackety clown. Bleh chemistry. Bleh excitement.
Posted 04/01/16 at 00:38:06

*** /bangs head on keyboard *** Who green lit this? The pilot was even WORSE then Rush Hour 3, which I thought was not humanly possible.

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Genre: Drama / Action

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Jon Foo (Det. Lee)
Justin Hires (Det. Carter)
Aimee Garcia (Didi)
Wendie Malick (Lindsay)
Page Kennedy (Gerald)
Jessika Van (Kim)
Kirk Fox (Donovan)