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Shut Eye

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A dark dramedy following a former magician who gets into the world of fortune telling.

Charlie Haverford is a former magician-turned-scam artist who got into overseeing a chain of fortune telling parlors for his domineering kingpin boss. When he suffers a blow to the head, his life is shaken up to the point where he questions everything he has ever believed.

Now experiencing bizarre visions and losing track of time, Charlie starts realizing there may be some truths beyond his fraudulent lifestyle.

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S swordfish
Posted 07/19/17 at 05:27:27

Posted 04/15/17 at 19:20:36

This show was renewed on March 20th for season 2.

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Genre: Comedy / Drama

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Jeffrey Donovan (Charlie)
KaDee Strickland (Linda)
Susan Misner (Nora)
Emmanuelle Chriqui (Gina)
David Zayas (Eduardo)
Isabella Rossellini (Rita)
Angus Sampson (Fonso)
Zak Santiago (Tony)