The Detour

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Apr 11, 2016 - Present






Nate - Jason JonesRobin - Natalie ZeaDelilah - Ashley GerasimovichJared - Liam CarrollVanessa - Daniella Pineda

A comedy following a family's road trip that turns into the adventure from hell.

Nate and his wife Robin hit the road with their kids for a family vacation to Florida, but the planned fun takes a back seat when everything that can go wrong does.

On every leg of the trip a new disaster seems to be waiting around the corner. If there's trouble nearby, it's just a matter of time until this family finds it.

Comments (4)

02/06/18 at 10:37am

Seriously unsure about this season. So far it hasn't been as funny as before. I'm hoping that doesn't mean it's losing steam already.
01/18/17 at 01:13pm

Finally got all caught up. This show is hilarious! Can't wait for next season.
06/17/16 at 00:18am

Awesome show! Love it!! So glad I came across a commercial for it while watching a different show. I had already missed the first 3 episodes but I just went and caught up on demand and so glad that I did!!!
05/30/16 at 03:53pm

Just binged on four episodes, of this very funny and crisp show. A true hidden gem. TBS made a wise move on the renewal.

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