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The Good Place

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Network: NBC

A comedy following a woman determined to change her ways after entering the afterlife.

Eleanor Shellstrop is an average woman whose death is caused by an unlikely series of events. Upon entering the afterlife, she soon realizes that she wasn't a very good person during her living years.

With help from her newly-appointed afterlife mentor, Michael, Eleanor decides to abandon her old way of living and search for the better person within.

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Comments (29)

Posted 01/20/17 at 17:00:42

I love this show! It did start to slow down after a few episodes and I was really wondering where the heck they could possibly take this show... but then they totally revitalized it with epidsode 12! I really hope it sticks around because there's definitely potential!
Posted 01/19/17 at 19:04:36

It's a great show. NBC should give it another season, and ignore all the naysayers.
Posted 01/10/17 at 13:37:46

Finally got to see Episode 10 and it was as good as all the others. This is the funniest, most subtle and satisfying show of any kind presently on television. In a time when smart is seen as smarmy, it is encouraging to see such a good-hearted series isn't ashamed of its intelligence, or yours either.
yo mom
Posted 12/20/16 at 18:50:39

Posted 12/12/16 at 17:20:34

This show was cute ... at first but then I noticed that I was dvr'ing but I wasn't watching them. They were getting harder and harder for me to feel inspired to want to watch them.
It just became so silly when it could have actual been a really smart comedy. Instead of taking the high road, they took the same road that every else does and turned it into a silly comedy.
It was a waste for Kristen Bell and Ted Dansen
Melba K Silver
Posted 12/11/16 at 19:41:20

Please don't cancell!
Posted 11/30/16 at 14:18:55

I love this show. It's a interesting idea and likeable characters. Nice to see something different out there. When will more episodes air?
Posted 11/29/16 at 14:44:59

where is it , I have not seen it for weeks .
Posted 11/18/16 at 17:52:45

Love this good non-violent, no sex, no swearing show. A good family program - FINALLY !!!!! A+
Posted 11/11/16 at 13:28:18

i dont get the whole soul mate thing. isnt that supposed to be someone you are in love with? i had to quit watching because i couldn't stomach the perfect neighbor anymore. overall, i give the show a "meh"

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Genre: Comedy / Fantasy

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Kristen Bell (Eleanor)
Ted Danson (Michael)
Jameela Jamil (Tessa)
William Jackson Harper (Chris)
Manny Jacinto (Jason)
D'Arcy Carden (Janet)