The Good Place

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Sep 19, 2016 - Jan 30, 2020




Comedy / Fantasy


Eleanor - Kristen BellMichael - Ted DansonTahani - Jameela JamilChidi - William Jackson HarperJianyu - Manny JacintoJanet - D'Arcy Carden

A comedy following a woman determined to change her ways after entering the afterlife.

Eleanor Shellstrop is an average woman whose death is caused by an unlikely series of events. Upon entering the afterlife, she soon realizes that she wasn't a very good person during her living years.

With help from her newly-appointed afterlife mentor, Michael, Eleanor decides to abandon her old way of living and search for the better person within.

Comments (37)

Pam Lincoln
02/03/20 at 04:58pm

Thank you! I loved this show and will miss it. I hope all the actors have a wonderful life. I cried on the last episode
Laura Fox Sucks
10/28/18 at 09:48pm

Who cares about what you think about Ted. He rocks and you suck.
Laura Fox
10/26/18 at 03:43pm

I don't understand why NBC continues to have Ted Danson on this show. I have seen Ted Danson at an event in "black face" and repeatedly using the "n" word.
Kendel Martin
03/15/18 at 09:42pm

Love the show! Really has me thinking about life and I have shared it with my daughter and best friend.
02/07/17 at 06:27pm

Love the show. Very different than anything else on tv, including cable. Interesting character development. Look forward to seeing it every week.
02/05/17 at 05:37pm

Good shows get cancelled & they keep this worthless garbage on tv. Terrible scripts & acting. The actors are better than this garbage.
01/30/17 at 00:13am

This show has to get renewed!
It had an a amazing plot twist in last 15 minutes of the last episode that completely changed the show and demands exploration.
Kimberly Ellison
01/26/17 at 05:44pm

01/20/17 at 05:00pm

I love this show! It did start to slow down after a few episodes and I was really wondering where the heck they could possibly take this show... but then they totally revitalized it with epidsode 12! I really hope it sticks around because there's definitely potential!
01/19/17 at 07:04pm

It's a great show. NBC should give it another season, and ignore all the naysayers.

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