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Network: Netflix

A drama following a young woman who returns home seven years after mysteriously vanishing.

Prairie Johnson is an adopted young woman who returns home under mysterious circumstances seven years after suddenly disappearing. Not only is her whereabouts during that time unknown, but Prairie now calls herself The OA, and has abilities she did not have prior to vanishing.

While she keeps the details of her disappearance from her adoptive parents and the FBI, she shares her story with a group of five locals she assembles. In return, she asks for their help in a very important matter.

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Posted 07/27/17 at 16:22:06

Saw first episode a minute ago. Looks promising, stranger in a strange land... You the viewer, not the character. A little slow at times, not horrible, intermittent. A puzzle plot, requires some deep thinking as it's revealed. Not a new concept, but, one I enjoy.
Posted 02/08/17 at 16:01:34

Heard the show has been renewed for season 2.
Steve Rogers
Posted 01/16/17 at 09:13:59

A beautiful mind expanding show.
Posted 12/31/16 at 11:52:33

Slow at times, the acting was uneven. Marling and Isaacs are great; you can tell Marling was involved in the conception and writing. The five "students" had some problems for me. Patrick Gibson, in my opinion, gave the breakout performance. The other four had their moments, but were overall forgettable.
It's definitely primed for additional seasons. I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about that.
Posted 12/26/16 at 03:58:14

Definitely definitely definitely needs to be a season 2. This show is so intimate... This is one of the best, most unique, and most interesting shows I have ever seen!
Posted 12/22/16 at 18:51:29

Diff for sure, s2 in 2017?

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Genre: Drama

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Brit Marling (Prairie)
Jason Isaacs (Hap)
Emory Cohen (Homer)
Scott Wilson (Abel)
Phyllis Smith (Betty)
Alice Krige (Nancy)
Patrick Gibson (Steve)
Brendan Meyer (Jesse)
Brandon Perea (Alfonso)
Ian Alexander (Buck)