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Sep 20, 2016 - Present




Comedy / Drama


Rebecca - Mandy MooreJack - Milo VentimigliaKevin - Justin HartleyRandall - Sterling K. BrownKate - Chrissy MetzToby - Chris SullivanWilliam - Ron Cephas Jones

A dramedy following a group of people who were born on the same day.

Sometimes life will surprise you, as a seemingly-unrelated group of people learn after their lives intertwine in interesting ways. As their paths cross, we learn that several of them have unexpected things in common, such as sharing the same birthday.

Comments (13)

11/28/17 at 03:04pm

I LOVE this show. The acting is great, the characters are relatable, and they really tackle issues that many people have dealt with. I look forward to this show every week.
11/20/17 at 00:19am

Stumbled upon this show because the previews were interesting.
All I gotta say is wow. This program is FANTASTIC.
Happily binge-watching Season 1 ❤️
Karen G
01/25/17 at 07:29pm

BEST SHOW ON TV TO DATE!!!! Awesome story lines, great acting please keep this one going!!!!
01/24/17 at 07:22am

Best show on TV by a country mile. This show gives me hope that good TV can still be produced by the major networks.
11/06/16 at 10:37am

Excellent show, writing and acting. Never predictable.
10/28/16 at 10:49am

I never write in any of these blog type comments, but I just love This Is Us. The pilot episode to me was probably the best episode of TV I have seen for a very long time or ever. How it is evolving is great and at a great pace. Just a great show.
10/13/16 at 11:43pm

Soooo cotton-pickin' good. Kevin and Kate are wonderful together. Randall and William the same. I have been enchanted since the first 15 minutes of the pilot. Oh and Gerald McRaney shall NOT go without mention. Delightful. And the characters develop and the storyline deepens, I am totally involved. Thank you for This Is Us!
10/12/16 at 12:32pm

This show is great. Love the characters and how it goes back in time to explain the whole story. Very happy it got a full season.
09/29/16 at 03:52am

It actually only got picked up so far for the rest of season 1, but I am very happy though. I love it so far!
09/27/16 at 09:25pm

Really? Picked up for Season 2? Shocking!!
And I do not want to 'those grammar people' -- but the show should be called "This is We."
Oh well.

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