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A drama following a woman who returns to her modest home life after her political career is upended.

Anna is a young woman from a humble upbringing who leaves her trailer park home in Alabama to follow a promising future in D.C. politics.

In doing so, Anna cuts ties with her family in order to hide her troubled past, portraying a more affluent upbringing to her new friends in Washington.

But when Anna causes a political scandal making national headlines, truths of her past are exposed. With nowhere to left turn, she finds sanctuary by returning to her old life.

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Posted 03/24/17 at 05:03:30

I really liked the show,hope to see season #3
Posted 03/22/17 at 00:29:15

the acting is terrible. See Jessicas comment
Jo Santoro
Posted 03/08/17 at 06:05:56

I love this show. I hope it doesn't get cancelled. I'm waiting for Season 3.
the doctor
Posted 02/23/17 at 03:02:28

It is centred round a poor white area of the south people having to live as best they can. it shows a family with a lot of problems.In a country where only the rich get help.
Posted 09/06/16 at 05:59:38

Typical biased, racist spin on the South. Offensive & horrid show. typical propaganda filled with hatred. Ironic how they never show the Mansions & beautiful homes & land.
TLC has run out of things to do to run this dog.
karen elaine colombo
Posted 08/29/16 at 23:01:49

I started watching this show from the first episode. I actually quite like it. Hope it doesn't get cancelled.

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Genre: Drama

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Danielle Savre (Anna)