Too Close To Home

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Aug 22, 2016 - Present






Anna - Danielle Savre

A drama following a woman who returns to her modest home life after her political career is upended.

Anna is a young woman from a humble upbringing who leaves her trailer park home in Alabama to follow a promising future in D.C. politics.

In doing so, Anna cuts ties with her family in order to hide her troubled past, portraying a more affluent upbringing to her new friends in Washington.

But when Anna causes a political scandal making national headlines, truths of her past are exposed. With nowhere to left turn, she finds sanctuary by returning to her old life.

Comments (12)

09/24/17 at 06:30am

Please don't cancel. Hurry up and start the new season!
09/13/17 at 04:48am

Please bring back Season and soon...Don't cancel this show!
06/15/17 at 02:47pm

I love the show and really enjoyed it and looking forward to season three and hope the show is not cancelled. This is some of TylerPerry best work he has done.
Betsy Gutzwiller
06/07/17 at 10:43pm

I've watched "Too Close Too Home" since the first episode. I have enjoyed the journey. I would love to see it continue. It's the only show on tv that I make a specific effort to watch. For those of you that say bad things about it, please just turn the channel.
05/16/17 at 01:31pm

If you don't like the show then don't watch the show. It's that simple. I love it and hope it gets renewed. I came from a very poor home and this show is so true to real life.
Charlotte Moore
05/16/17 at 12:36pm

I love this show. I want to see more. Terry Perry is amazing.
03/24/17 at 05:03am

I really liked the show,hope to see season #3
03/22/17 at 00:29am

the acting is terrible. See Jessicas comment
Jo Santoro
03/08/17 at 06:05am

I love this show. I hope it doesn't get cancelled. I'm waiting for Season 3.
the doctor
02/23/17 at 03:02am

It is centred round a poor white area of the south people having to live as best they can. it shows a family with a lot of problems.In a country where only the rich get help.

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