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A drama following a group of slaves who plan an escape from a Georgia plantation.

This series focuses on a plantation in Georgia and a group of slaves who plan a daring 600-mile escape from their captors. While on the run they are helped by an abolitionist couple who operate a station on the Underground Railroad. Will they be able to evade those tasked with their capture?

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Posted 10/02/16 at 19:20:27

What date and time is Underground going to be aired . Love the show
Posted 05/04/16 at 12:19:23

Such a great show... glad it got renewed.
Posted 03/24/16 at 20:52:21

Amazing!! The acting is superb, especially Aldis Hodge. I was afraid this would be all about the "evil white people", but it shows the complex nature of the times very well. Looking forward to the next episode!
Posted 03/20/16 at 09:21:44

slave reboots, plz

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Genre: Drama

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Aldis Hodge (Noah)
Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Rosalee)
Christopher Meloni (August)
Alano Miller (Cato)
Jessica De Gouw (Elizabeth)
Amirah Vann (Ernestine)
Renwick Scott (Henry)
Marc Blucas (John)
Mykelti Williamson (Moses)
Adina Porter (Pearly Mae)
Johnny Ray Gill (Sam)
Theodus Crane (Zeke)