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Network: HBO

A drama following a record executive trying to save his label.

Richie Finestra is the president of American Century records in 1970s New York during a time when new genres like punk, disco, and hip hop are emerging. In a business fueled by sex and drugs, Richie is fighting to save his company - and his soul- without destroying everyone around him.

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Posted 02/22/17 at 06:08:41

Disappointed by this shows cancellation.... especially when they were so close to adding the Hip-Hop culture into the story line, but that's taken up by The Get Down now.
Posted 09/26/16 at 21:30:17

Damn... As a music fan I liked this one a lot. Especially the incorporation of real rock stars of the era into the episodes. The Bowie episode in particular was great!
I'll miss Vinyl. 😟
Rudy, Rudy , Rudy
Posted 08/25/16 at 16:48:46

Really started out bad - not a single likable character in on the show, but well acted and directed. But I watched it 'til the end and that last two episodes were really interesting and made me want more. Oh well...
Posted 06/23/16 at 11:16:46

Terrible show so great choice well done HBO
michael dobey
Posted 06/23/16 at 00:42:51

What the hell? this was a great show. It's not like empire , it's taking place in the early seventies. there is no rap crap type of lame music in it. the cast was great. sure the stories had violence in them , that most record companies did not have. but what the hell. it's gone now anyway.
Posted 12/10/15 at 22:37:05

I just saw the trailer and it looks like it might be good. And it is not a copy-cat of Empire. That pretentious show is about the rap industry (yawn).
Posted 12/03/15 at 11:07:50

Since it's HBO, it's guaranteed for a couple of seasons. Like the concept, and this from someone who has no desire to watch Empire.
Posted 11/03/15 at 00:52:57

SPOILER, COPY-CAT of EMPIRE! No thank you, cast is weak

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Genre: Drama

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Bobby Cannavale (Richie)
Olivia Wilde (Devon)
Ray Romano (Zak)
Ato Essandoh (Lester)
Max Casella (Julian)
P.J. Byrne (Scott)
J.C. MacKenzie (Skip)
Birgitte Hjort Sørensen (Ingrid)
Juno Temple (Jamie)
Jack Quaid (Clark)
James Jagger (Kip)
Paul Ben-Victor (Maury)