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24: Legacy

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Network: Fox

The 2017 evolution of the famed action drama following one man's mission to stop a terrorist attack.

Eric Carter is an ex-Army Ranger who is back in America six months after leading an elite squad to kill a terrorist leader in Yemen. As a result, the terrorist's followers wage war against Carter, his squad, and their families - forcing them into witness protection.

When an attack on Carter makes him realize they have been exposed, he enlists a skilled intelligence officer to help him race against the clock to uncover a sophisticated terror network that makes them question everything.

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michael dobey
Posted 06/08/17 at 17:42:39

And now they have decided to really cancel it and not use this cast again. The lead actor was not available anyways. rip.
michael dobey
Posted 05/24/17 at 15:40:14

It's cancelled but not cancelled. Like wayward pines. Where they may make a new series or maybe not.
Posted 04/19/17 at 12:59:21

Watchable. Except for the 12 hour format this series follows the original in style and plot elements. It doesn't really break any new ground. This season relied too much on kidnappings to move the plot forward.
Posted 04/14/17 at 15:25:56

This reboot is well-done and more tightly scripted than the original. The shorter time frame works for this story line. Hope it gets a chance to play another season.
Posted 03/27/17 at 21:21:06

Pretty good. Good action show but it is soo formulaic.
Posted 03/27/17 at 09:14:01

Although the original 24 was pretty good, they always needes to extend the time table, always the bad guys got away right on time leaving CSU blind... Sorry, I meant Screwed and I always wondered, is that how a security agency will work? Come on, I know it's fantasy, but despite the season plot... In the end it's always pretty much the same
Posted 03/15/17 at 04:48:57

Commercial Fest! So much wasted time with the rehash and the clock counting up on a black screen. Do NOT watch this live, DVR or watch on-line & save yourself a half hour. The new guy is no Jack Bauer. I think Fox just wanted another money-maker Ad vehicle.
Posted 03/07/17 at 09:00:20

Don't like it at all. Jack was the bad ass of the show. New guy blows.
Posted 02/21/17 at 07:36:32

This reboot is amazing! I can't wait to see how Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) comes into play. I hope they other old characters show up as well.
Posted 02/12/17 at 22:13:33

Love it so far

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Genre: Drama / Action

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Corey Hawkins (Eric)
Miranda Otto (Rebecca)
Jimmy Smits (John)
Teddy Sears (Keith)
Dan Bucatinsky (Andy)
Anna Diop (Nicole)
Ashley Thomas (Isaac)