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Network: Fox

A drama following a wealthy engineer who brings changes to a Chicago Police District.

With the over-extended and under-funded Chicago Police Department spiraling out of control with rising crime, cover-ups, and corruption, things are in dire need of change.

After billionaire engineer Gideon Reeves witnesses the murder of his best friend, he demands that justice be served - not only for his friend but for the entire city. To accomplish this, he puts up millions of dollars to take control over of the troubled 13th District and transforms it into a cutting-edge private police force that is smarter and more efficient than anything before it.

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Michael J Beninate
Posted 06/22/17 at 01:40:23

I really liked this show. It was probably cancelled because it used lots of expensive special effects. I loved this show. It was just getting into the morality of government overstepping the laws of a free nation. Surely more ethical choices were ahead in this show. It will be missed.
Posted 06/21/17 at 19:19:25

I live in Chicago where this concept could actually work. This show was great and the lead actor, who I'd never seen in anything before, quickly became really likable. The female lead (from Under the Dome - also cancelled) is a really bad actor, and perhaps that had something to do with Fox's decision to cancel. I will really miss this one.
Elaine rose
Posted 06/17/17 at 18:37:23

Intelligent, positive spin on how to fight crime loses the battle once again pathetic, who sits around the boardroom table and makes these decisions??
Posted 06/14/17 at 17:02:06

What's wrong with Fox?? They always cancel what's worth watching and keep the crud. This was a "lite" show, kinda corny at times, but watchable. So much of what they keep is just down right awful.
Posted 06/14/17 at 04:50:54

This getting cancelled just proves that anything good and intelligent doesn't work out. This was one of the few shows for intelligent people to watch and yet it's the garbage reality and game shows that are on instead. Almost everything good has been cancelled. Time to just start ignoring all the networks all together I guess.
Posted 06/11/17 at 13:43:40

Another good show killed off. The characters were interesting, the storylines were good, the technology was great, it showed what our police forces could really do if they had the right tools. It's a shame the network decided to cancel.
Kyle Brooks
Posted 05/29/17 at 18:13:41

Are you kidding me I love this show its the only show I like
Posted 05/28/17 at 22:37:09

This show was good and it was on Fox that was a bad omen from the start fox cancels and kills anything good in our lives they killed our firefly and they killed this to
Vickie Rhodes
Posted 05/28/17 at 16:03:05

I cannot believe they cancell d APB! They keep on stupid reality shows but cancel good shows with excellent actors! They need to seriously get a grip with what people want to watch!! Ugh....
Mustang GT Girl
Posted 05/26/17 at 03:05:54

So upset that this show was cancelled. So tired of these networks taking off the good shows but keep bringing back these dumb reality shows. Not happy in Jersey.

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Justin Kirk (Gideon)
Natalie Martinez (Theresa)
Caitlin Stasey (Ada)
Taylor Handley (Roderick)
Ernie Hudson (Ned)
Taylor Handley (Nicholas)
Tamberla Perry (Tasha)