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A comedy following a baseball announcer looking for a fresh start in a small town.

Jim Brockmire is a famed major league baseball announcer who, a decade ago, suffered an embarrassing public meltdown while on the air after finding out about his wife's infidelity.

Now focused on reclaiming his career and reputation, and ready to take another shot at love, Brockmire moves to a small American town where he takes a job calling minor league baseball games.

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Comments (3)

Posted 04/07/17 at 04:18:06

Happy to see Amanda Peet back on the air. show is good will watch it hope it does not get cut. MKL&ML
Harley Gato
Posted 04/06/17 at 18:15:22

Bless IFC for having the sense to put Hank on TV again.
Posted 02/27/17 at 04:03:35


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Genre: Comedy

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Hank Azaria (Jim)
Amanda Peet (Jules)
Tyrel Jackson Williams (Charles)
Hemky Madera (Pedro)
Paul Rae (Dale)