Chicago Justice

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Mar 05, 2017 - May 14, 2017




Drama / Legal


Mark - Carl WeathersPeter - Philip WinchesterAntonio - Jon SedaAnna - Monica BarbaroLaura - Joelle Carter

A legal drama following Chicago's State's Attorney's team of prosecutors and investigators.

This fourth installment in the 'Chicago' franchise - behind Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Chicago Med - follows the State's Attorney's team of prosecutors and investigators who fearlessly pursue justice.

These dedicated men and women use their unwavering passion for the law to tackle some of the city's most high-profile and media-focused cases while navigating the controversy and heated politics that come along with it.

Comments (18)

08/29/17 at 04:24pm

Joe, thank you, again, for the information. But why must you be so insulting? As I stated in my original comment, I got my info from the Fall Preview 2017-2018 list. Chicago Justice is in the list. So obviously TV Guide and I are both wrong. lol Mom will be sad to hear that, but I'm sure something better or just as good will be put in its place. :) Have a wonderful night, Joe! :)
08/24/17 at 05:20pm

Wendy: Sorry loser, this show is definitely cancelled. Learn how to read.
08/24/17 at 04:48pm

Whomever manages this website needs to check their facts. According to the Fall Preview 2017-2018 list, Chicago Justice is NOT canceled. It's coming back in midseason on Sundays at 9PM. My Mom is happy! :)
06/21/17 at 05:50am

Too many Chicago's not enough time! lol
06/12/17 at 09:10pm

Well you could of gave it alittle longer to try to get the 3.8 to the 4+ ratings that your pulling in with the others. Good Show I liked it.
06/06/17 at 05:03pm

Little wonder it got cancelled, a series about fighting crime and corruption in Chicago??? Some fantasies are just not possible to embrace.
Deborah Brown
05/24/17 at 10:11am

this was a good show, you always cancel the good shows. what is going to happen to the guy who came from Chicago PD. it doesn't matter what we write on here you still cancel. you keep those stupid shows on TV.
Gayle O
05/23/17 at 02:19pm

NO!!!! You took Antonio from Chicago PD and now cancelled it 😡😡😡😡. Jon Seda better be back or I'll boycott all the Chicago series.....
Private Detective
05/23/17 at 10:34am

Good. I hate these prime-time TV legal dramas. Nothing of real substance that could be used in the real world of the law. Same goes for Good Wife and L.A. Law.
Ashley Welch
05/23/17 at 06:47am

Cant believe its canceled after one season, i love all the chicago shows, please renew chicago justice, if you dont whats gonna happen to gabby's brother, he used to play in chicago pd then he got moved to chicago justice.. So if u canceled the show, hes just getting kick out of not playing on any chicago show, at least put him back on chicago pd, hate when good shows get canceled, ugh

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