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A drama following the secret history of the 1930s American heartland.

Seth Davenport is a man who is disguising himself as a small town Iowa preacher as a means of starting a complete insurrection against the status quo. Unbeknownst to him, an industrialist tycoon has hired a professional strikebreaker to stop the uprising at all costs. What those around them don't know is that these two men share a secret, bloody past.

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12/09/17 at 06:00pm

Chris -- It appears to have changed nights from Tuesdays to Thursdays.
12/08/17 at 06:43pm

Nina - the last episode was Nov 28. Next episode is scheduled for Dec 14...
12/08/17 at 06:17pm

What happened? It didn't come up in my debt last week and it's not listed in the guide this week.
12/04/17 at 12:45pm

So far it's pretty good.
Jeff Greene
12/01/17 at 10:00am

This show is fantastic...great time period piece of Depression era Midwest America, and is brutally honest about how the labor movements were exploited by corrupt union organizers, etc. and how fraudsters in general operated in a the pre-digital era where they could abandon a prior criminal life and recreate themselves in another part of America.
11/07/17 at 03:53pm

Will check out

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