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A drama following a lawyer who becomes romantically involved with a possibly-guilty client.

Sadie Ellis is a top attorney at a boutique law firm who starts falling for one of her clients, Billy Brennan, a charismatic pediatric surgeon accused of murdering his girlfriend two decades ago.

Although Sadie tries to hide her growing feelings from friends and colleagues, her decision to become involved with a client could jeopardize her career and her happiness - especially if he is found guilty.

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Posted 03/17/17 at 17:13:11

There is no doubt this show will not be syndicated
Posted 03/16/17 at 15:25:32

Talk about not even giving the show a chance!
Posted 03/14/17 at 08:13:03

I why cancel doubt like show come for miss this
MyTeshia Carter
Posted 03/08/17 at 16:40:13

I like Laverne Cox!! She is a wonderful actress.. I think the show didn't do good because a lot of people probably didn't know about it.
Posted 02/25/17 at 01:15:05

LOL it didn't even make 4 shows in. Called this one.
Posted 02/19/17 at 13:28:23

The reason Katherine Heigl's shows fail is its hard trying to find uglier actresses than her to make her look good btw the show is crap
Posted 02/15/17 at 22:21:48

I love everything about Katherine Heigl, but once again she got roped into a show that is doomed from day one. I will not watch even a commercial for this show with Roderick "Laverne" Cox in it. I suspect there are many more that feel the same way. Cant wait for Katherine's next project once this is cancelled 4 shows in.

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Genre: Drama / Legal

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Katherine Heigl (Sadie)
Steven Pasquale (Billy)
Laverne Cox (Cameron)
Dulé Hill (Albert)
Dreama Walker (Tiffany)
Elliott Gould (Isaiah)
Kobi Libii (Nick)