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Oct 01, 2017 - Jul 22, 2018






Leroy - Craig RobinsonMax - Adam ScottAnnie - Amber Stevens WestLafrey - Ally WalkerBarry - Adeel Akhtar

A comedy following a pair of reluctant paranormal investigators looking into unexplained activity in LA.

A cynical skeptic named Leroy and a “true believer” named Max are recruited by a top-secret government agency known as the Bureau Underground to investigate a recent spate of unexplained activity in Los Angeles that could be tied to a larger mystery that threatens the existence of the human race.

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the doctor
05/17/18 at 08:52am

seems to have been on hiatus for months. no word of it restarting
Parish J
05/07/18 at 11:58am

I was watching this series. It doesn't get shown with a regular schedule. Frustrating on if it will be on Sunday or not! Don't know when the last "new" was shown. Finally I removed it from my DV-R schedule. Very hard to keep up with it!
Gina V
04/16/18 at 07:22am

Love this show. We all need some laughter in our life
03/11/18 at 10:47am

Love this show. Laugh out loud funny
11/23/17 at 05:51pm

It's different. Simule definitely renew! Actors are funny.
10/27/17 at 08:02am

10/10/17 at 03:15pm

Funny! I really enjoyed the pilot. Robinson and Scott work really well together and make a great comedy team.
10/01/17 at 07:01am

I will definitely be watching this with Robinson and Scott as the leads.
09/02/17 at 08:25am

It looked great in the previews and I hope it will do well. Craig Robinson and Adam Scott have great chemistry together and co-starred on two highly successful sitcoms, "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation" respectively.
08/29/17 at 12:01pm

omg...watched a 3 minute trailer of this show on the FOX on demand channel, and it had me laughing right out loud. 'Course, they cherry-pick the scenes put in the trailers, so who knows if this show will be as funny as it appears.
Anyway, looking forward to the series and crossing my fingers it's as funny as it looks.

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