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Hooten & the Lady

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Network: CW

A drama following the adventures of two treasure hunting partners.

Ulysses Hooten is an American adventurer who teams up with the initially-unwilling British museum curator Lady Alex Lindo-Parker, as they travel the world looking for its greatest mysteries - both legendary and mythical.

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the Doctor
Posted 07/14/17 at 00:16:56

This was on UK tv months ago
looking forward to a second series
Posted 06/29/17 at 04:16:05

It's ok, one of those series where you leave your brain at the door and just enjoy the silliness.

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Genre: Drama

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Michael Landes (Ulysses)
Ophelia Lovibond (Lady Alex)
Jessica Hynes (Ella)
Shaun Parkes (Clive)