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Making History

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A comedy following three friends trying not to disrupt history while they travel through time.

Dan is a facilities manager who recently discovered a time machine invented by his father and has since been transporting himself back to the 1700s. And while he may be unpopular in the present, Dan does much better in the past, where he claims famous song lyrics and movie quotes as his own.

But Dan's actions in the past are having side effects in the present. Little does he know that a woman he met there named Deborah is actually Paul Revere's daughter, and now her father is delaying his famous ride thanks to him - which might alter the outcome of the entire American Revolution.

In order to try and make things right, Dan enlists his brilliant colleague Chris to travel back in time with him to work with Deborah to save America.

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michael dobey
Posted 05/11/17 at 17:23:29

It was ok at it's best. And it was really sort of dumb. Now it's gone and that's no surprise. The third time traveling show to be cancelled in one season!.
Posted 04/23/17 at 21:02:17

Totally agree with Candace about Two Broke Girls but find this show tepid at best
Posted 04/07/17 at 09:55:09

This write up is wrong? Dan IS NOT A computer science prof! And more like "discovered" a Time machine, invented by his father.
Posted 04/04/17 at 22:23:51

So better than many shows that have lasted for years. (Two broke girls... as bad as it gets)

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Genre: Comedy / Sci-fi

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Adam Pally (Dan)
Leighton Meester (Deborah)
Yassir Lester (Chris)
John Gemberling (John)
Neil Casey (Sam)