Marvel's Runaways

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Nov 21, 2017 - Present




Drama / Action


Alex - Rhenzy FelizNico - Lyrica OkanoKarolina - Virginia GardnerGert - Ariela BarerChase - Gregg SulkinMolly - Allegra AcostaGeoffrey - Ryan SandsCatherine - Angel ParkerTina - Brittany IshibashiRobert - James YaegashiDale - Kevin WeismanStacey - Brigid BrannaghLeslie - Annie WerschingFrank - Kip PardueVictor - James MarstersJanet - Ever Carradine

An action drama following a group of teenagers who unite against their criminal parents.

Six teenagers from different backgrounds, who would typically have nothing in common, discover that their parents are involved in nefarious activities as part of a shadowy organization.

With this knowledge, the teens band together and run away from their home lives as a way to atone for their parents' sins and learn more about the secrets of their origins.

Comments (2)

Maureen Willingham
11/24/17 at 02:58pm

Interesting, different, .... so far so good
10/27/17 at 08:12am

Turned comics into a Satan cult series, not watching this

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