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Midnight, Texas

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Network: NBC

A supernatural thriller following the residents of a mysterious safe haven for outsiders.

The remote town of Midnight sits on a veil between the living and hell, and nothing is what it seems. It is a place where outsiders fit in and being 'normal' is considered strange.

As members of the town fight off pressures from ever-suspicious outsiders ranging from cops to biker gangs, they band together to form an unlikely, yet strong, family.

Based on the best-selling book series by Charlaine Harris.

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Comments (10)

Grama Pam
Posted 08/16/17 at 16:25:04

I loved the books, and have been looking forward to this series. I have not been disappointed, I am enjoying every episode. I certainly hope it is not cancelled before it barely gets gping! I would be bummed!
Posted 08/15/17 at 10:50:27

Wow! I really like it! I honestly went in with low expectations, but it turned out to be way better than I thought it would! I also agree with Stacey though that shows premiering during the summer is something I wish was never started. I tend not to be home as often and have to binge watch to catch up, which is kind of a pain...but this show is really good so it's worth it.
Posted 08/04/17 at 21:48:46

This show is really enjoyable! I hope it's not cancelled anytime soon. It's so hard to find a watchable new supernatural show during the summer. Great job.
Posted 08/02/17 at 10:35:25

I have to say, the first episode was kind of slow-starting, in my opinion. But I realize they have to build characters and it picked up by the end. THIS week's episode, however, has me hooked! :) I do have to agree with Stacey though, it's a bit weird having new shows on in the summer. But I do hope NBC keeps this one!! It's awesome!
Posted 08/01/17 at 22:21:17

I hope it stays on!!!
Posted 08/01/17 at 21:26:47

So good!!!!! A great combo of drama, supernatural and creativity!!!
Keep it going pleaseeee!!!!
Posted 08/01/17 at 09:51:24

It's ok. Not great. Not horrible. I kind of miss the days of no new shows during the summer. I don't seem to care as much about TV shows during the summer season. Not sure this will keep my interest. Might just have to DVR it all and watch it later.
Posted 07/30/17 at 14:36:19

I love this show! Much better than Supernatural! Please keep it coming!
Posted 07/28/17 at 16:19:35

I enjoyed the first episode, so hopefully it stays on long enough to enjoy a few more! Give it a chance at least, please. There are so few really good shows on in the summer.😕
Posted 05/15/17 at 11:39:26

Sounds a bit like the show Haven in a way. A little disappointed that it will be on NBC. Usually stay away from major networks. Might check it out anyway though.

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Genre: Drama

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François Arnaud (Manfred)
Dylan Bruce (Bobo)
Parisa Fitz-Henley (Fiji)
Arielle Kebbel (Olivia)
Jason Lewis (Joe)
Peter Mensah (Lemuel)
Sarah Ramos (Creek)
Yul Vazquez (Emilio)