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A suspense drama following a team of elite negotiators who handle conflict and hostage situations.

Eric Beaumont is a veteran crisis and hostage negotiator whose team is tasked with resolving some of the most difficult kidnap and ransom cases.

Eric and his team use their insight into human behavior to resolve these intense situations while refusing to resort to violence no matter the stakes.

But while Eric's manipulation mastery makes him the best at his job, it also has the side effect of complicating his relationships with friends, family, and colleagues.

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Comments (52)

Posted 07/12/17 at 09:13:19

The good shows always get cancelled because of the low intelligence level of those doing the cancelling. It's not about ratings, it's about whether those who cancel have the IQ to appreciate a good story.
Posted 06/18/17 at 05:33:51

Hello please renew ransom it's the best show I look forward to watching it very good show
Posted 06/18/17 at 05:32:26

Please tell us that you are going to renew ransom it is the best please don't cancel it I looked so forward to seeing it
Madeleine Gombert
Posted 06/03/17 at 12:02:25

I want Ransom back it is a very good show. Also the actor Luke Roberts is sexy.
Robin M.
Posted 06/01/17 at 18:13:09

This was the only show I watched on Saturday night. It was well acted and the stories were well written. Once again a good show has bit the dust.
Posted 05/30/17 at 18:57:52

Please renew Ransom. Why not try Thursday night's. Not one station has anything good on that night. Too much hanging Ruthann o just go dark. SAD. SO SAD.
Posted 05/26/17 at 12:20:40

really??? another good show gone! I'm so sick of watching new shows and getting into them just to have a bunch of suits say its not good enough.
Posted 05/22/17 at 09:12:11

Loved the show and it was the only thing worth watching from all the major networks. Oh well, will go back to NETFLIX for Saturday nights.
Posted 05/18/17 at 16:55:00

Please do not cancel the show ransom I really enjoy it
Gayle O
Posted 05/18/17 at 12:32:02

Please do NOT cancel Ramson!! It didn't have a chance being on Saturday night!! Move to another night and renew!! PLEASE

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Genre: Drama

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Luke Roberts (Eric)
Nazneen Contractor (Zara)
Brandon Jay McLaren (Oliver)
Sarah Greene (Maxine)