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Jul 12, 2017 - Present






Liam - Charlie RoweDarius - Santiago CabreraGrace - Jennifer FinniganHarris - Ian Anthony DaleAmanda - Shazi Raja

A thriller following the ramifications of the discovery of an asteroid set to impact the Earth in six months.

When an enormous asteroid is found to be only six months away from colliding with Earth, an MIT grad student teams up with a tech billionaire to try to save humanity from this catastrophic event.

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07/11/18 at 07:35pm

Watched this show when it first started and thought it was pretty good. Now watching it, I keep falling asleep, saved my recording and watched it wide awake and find it boring. not the same :-(.
Maggi Jones
10/10/17 at 06:48pm

My spouse and I don't usually watch tv. We explored Amazon Prime for some entertainment when we found the 'Salvation' series. Both of us loved it! Please bring it back for season 2!
10/03/17 at 01:39pm

Please renew for season 2. It is a great show!!!
09/30/17 at 08:48pm

Never boring! Please renew it for a second season.
David Wood
09/24/17 at 07:09pm

Amazing how they managed to change a silly-sounding big asteroid hitting earth catastrophe show into a tense action-packed political thriller.
You have to credit the writers. It just goes to show you can do wonders with almost anything if you have the talent.
09/23/17 at 01:16am

Please renewed it for Season 2
Dale Gavey
09/22/17 at 09:46pm

Please renew the show for a season 2. With the space ship launching, the 2nd series could transform in the next chapter life on the ship and then finding a planet that can continue the human race...... :) :) :) :)
Connie Volk
09/21/17 at 09:25pm

This is an amazing show that needs to be renewed. The cast is incredible and the show keeps you involved with the show. A MUST WATCH!!! Please bring it back.
Barb B
09/21/17 at 09:02pm

Lost & The Dome weren’t to have a 2nd season either and look how long they lasted. If the ratings are good enough, they get a 2nd season.
09/21/17 at 08:30pm

Candice and I love the show; it's our Wednesday date night. The characters are likable and the twists are intriguing. Keep it coming.

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