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Santa Clarita Diet

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Network: Netflix

A comedic horror following a couple dealing with the fallout after one of them becomes a zombie.

Joel and Sheila Hammond are realtors leading lives of discontent in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Clarita. Things take an unexpectedly dark turn when Sheila goes through a dramatic change that leaves her needing human flesh to survive.

With their lives turned upside down, Joel will do everything he can to find a way to provide for his family until they can figure things out.

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Kyla Davis
Posted 07/07/17 at 14:23:45

Love this show! Really looking forward to season 2! Could do without the daughter, don't particularly care for her, but still love it!
Posted 03/09/17 at 07:35:00

Pretty cute show. Hope its returned for season 2!!
Posted 02/09/17 at 13:36:47

The DREW and TIM lover comment is a paid shill. I have seen this exact comment, word for word on every message board about this horrible show.
Posted 02/04/17 at 14:57:52

One of the best things on Netflix at the moment. A true classic in the making. Can't wait for season 2.
Posted 02/03/17 at 21:51:34

Hollywood has clearly hit rock bottom. Timothy Olyphant must be getting blackmailed into doing this. Nathan Fillion ... shame on you.
Posted 02/03/17 at 04:37:50

Feels a like iZombie

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Genre: Comedy / Horror

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Drew Barrymore (Sheila)
Timothy Olyphant (Joel)
Liv Hewson (Abby)
Skyler Gisondo (Eric)