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Sep 27, 2017 - Present






Jason - David BoreanazClay - Max ThieriotRay - Neil Brown Jr.Sonny - A.J. BuckleyDiaz - Toni TrucksMandy - Jessica Paré

A military drama following the lives of an elite unit of Navy SEALs.

The most elite unit of Navy SEALs are a tight-knit group of patriots with fearless dedication. This series follows their professional and personal lives as they train, plan, and execute high-stakes, dangerous missions.

The team is deployed on clandestine ops around the world, and even though it takes a toll on its members and their families, they are unwavering in their willingness to go up against overwhelming odds.

Comments (6)

10/27/17 at 10:41am

Great show. It has everything you want in a Drama. Action, Romance, Personal Drama's. great cast and good scripts.
10/27/17 at 08:01am

SEALS are old by warrior standards, but so were SPARTANS. This puppy is a pretty good series
09/29/17 at 04:32pm

So what if the actor is almost 50? Who cares? I'd still watch it if the actor was 80! This is a very good show, equally good acting and I hope it stays around for a long time!
09/28/17 at 09:04am

so what how old the man is, he's an good actor!
07/28/17 at 08:41pm

May 16, 1969 So he's 48
06/06/17 at 00:55am

If David Boreanaz is part of the SEAL team that will be a stretch the man has to be about 50.

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