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Sep 27, 2017 - Present






Jason - David BoreanazClay - Max ThieriotRay - Neil Brown Jr.Sonny - A.J. BuckleyDiaz - Toni TrucksMandy - Jessica Paré

A military drama following the lives of an elite unit of Navy SEALs.

The most elite unit of Navy SEALs are a tight-knit group of patriots with fearless dedication. This series follows their professional and personal lives as they train, plan, and execute high-stakes, dangerous missions.

The team is deployed on clandestine ops around the world, and even though it takes a toll on its members and their families, they are unwavering in their willingness to go up against overwhelming odds.

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03/14/18 at 05:18pm

Love, love, love this show. It reminds us of the life our hero's live just so we are free and protected. They have families, mortgages and problems like everyone else. It takes a special person for this dedication. Please Keep showing and quit jerking it around. It's on one week then takes 3 weeks off. Please put on a regular schedule. As for actors age, I believe it is spot on. I cannot imagine a young person making the kind of life and death decisions for himself and his team when necessary.
02/11/18 at 05:23pm

Great show! Brings the human element to the people about the sacrifices made and how hard and dedicated they are. Freedom is not FREE. Please keep it on!!!
01/24/18 at 09:48pm

Love this show I hope they renew it !!!!
10/27/17 at 10:41am

Great show. It has everything you want in a Drama. Action, Romance, Personal Drama's. great cast and good scripts.
10/27/17 at 08:01am

SEALS are old by warrior standards, but so were SPARTANS. This puppy is a pretty good series
09/29/17 at 04:32pm

So what if the actor is almost 50? Who cares? I'd still watch it if the actor was 80! This is a very good show, equally good acting and I hope it stays around for a long time!
09/28/17 at 09:04am

so what how old the man is, he's an good actor!
07/28/17 at 08:41pm

May 16, 1969 So he's 48
06/06/17 at 00:55am

If David Boreanaz is part of the SEAL team that will be a stretch the man has to be about 50.

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