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Isaac - Mario Van PeeblesMay - Demetria McKinneyBea - Robinne LeeCalvin - Brad JamesGarvey - Morgana Van PeeblesTilly - Tatiana Zappardino

A drama following a family that handles 'afterlife care' in a town plagued by evil entities.

The Hastings family are the longtime owners of the only funeral home and graveyard in the town of La Rochelle. They provide services for all faiths, with a specialty in handling “afterlife care” for those who suffer unexplained deaths at the hands of demonic entities.

The family uses methods such as arcane weaponry, mystical alchemy skills, spectacular strength, and a deep knowledge of the occult and ancient lore from around the world in order to suppress the evil, unworldly phenomena that has long-haunted the town.

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michael dobey
02/10/18 at 06:47pm

I hope it gets a pickup for season 2. It's not a bad horror show. the Daughter is awful for sure, but this is not a unrealistic view of how one might behave , NOT in a good way for sure though. Still I want this one to come back.
12/19/17 at 11:07am

Ok. I watched until episode 6 and I'm officially bailing. I just can't with the daughter anymore. She is beyond annoying. I already was having problems getting into it but her constant ridiculous attitude towards someone who was never told she even existed is too much. I'm out.
It's Not My Fault
12/19/17 at 11:00am

Not sure if I like it or think it's just a cheesier rip off of Supernatural. Either way I keep tuning in but really wish they'd get rid of the daughter. Her constant "chip on shoulder" attitude over a situation that really isn't that complicated, is tiring. I'll be surprised if this gets renewed to be honest.
12/18/17 at 05:52pm

Terrible. Awful. I get more hits on YouTube with my cats than the # of people watching this crappy show. It's absolutely wretched.
Deborah Rollerson
12/17/17 at 11:30am

I hope they keep this on I really really really LOVE the actors and show.
12/06/17 at 01:39pm

This show needs time to develop. a few family dramas along with Supernatural stuff. I like it. It needs a 2nd season please
12/04/17 at 10:23am

Well, I've watched 2 episodes so far and I'm not sure I like it. The acting is good and the premise is great, but something about it isn't working for me. I'll watch a couple more episodes but I'm wondering if it gets any better.
11/24/17 at 03:06pm

There's a lot going on at once , it's just ok
11/14/17 at 02:48pm

It's on my DVR. I haven't watched a single episode yet. I'm too afraid it will get cancelled because I've heard such mixed reviews about it and it is a Syfy show. I don't have much faith in them anymore. I'm tired of getting invested in shows only to have them get cancelled.
11/04/17 at 12:27pm

No episode last night? Is this thing cancelled already?

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