The Brave

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Sep 25, 2017 - Jan 29, 2018






Patricia - Anne HecheMichael - Mike VogelAnthony - Demetrius GrosseJoseph - Noah MillsHannah - Sofia Pernas

A drama centered around the world of America's elite undercover military heroes.

D.I.A. Deputy Director Patricia Campbell leads a team of analysts as they utilize highly-advanced surveillance technology from their headquarters in D.C.

In the field, Adam Dalton and his Special Ops squad of expertly-trained undercover specialists risk it all as they execute dangerous missions behind enemy lines in the name of freedom and saving the lives of innocent people.

Comments (115)

Barry Watt
07/27/18 at 04:31pm

One of my regular programs to watch, now 1 less series to fill up my time. WTH am i going to watch now?
07/26/18 at 03:40pm

I believe cancelling this is wrong, this was a very good show. I am just not understanding this decision, I hope someone else picks it up.
07/13/18 at 09:23am

I LOVE this show. Looked forward to it every week. Have episodes saved on DVR and still watch them again and again. Soooooo Disappointed
D J Mullinix
07/12/18 at 09:06pm

For Shame on NBC for cancelling this great show. GRRRRR
G Oliver
07/07/18 at 04:35am

Love this show and the actors. BAD move on NBC. this was one of the best written shows. I can think of other shows to cancel and bring back Thw Brave
07/03/18 at 08:30pm

Loved this intelligent well done show.... really wish someone else picks it up. So much better than the predictable crap that keeps getting renewed.
06/28/18 at 11:21am

Why did they cancel The Brave?!!?? It was a well-written show that had interesting characters and story lines. Isn't there anything we can do? I'm so sad...
Alba Rivera
06/08/18 at 03:24pm

Please save onebof the best showsnout there
06/04/18 at 11:58pm

Why is this being canceled? Very upsetting! The actors and stories were great! Seal Team doesn't even keep my interest, but it gets renewed and Brave doesn't??? I would always watch Brave all the way through and delete Seal Team before it was 1/2 way through because I was bored. So again why would NBC cancel Brave????
05/31/18 at 06:08am

Great show way better than seal team. Once again you cancel a great show without doing an ending. Getting tired of wAtching and being disappointed in the end . Someone please pick up this show.!

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