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Sep 25, 2017 - Present






Patricia - Anne HecheMichael - Mike VogelAnthony - Demetrius GrosseJoseph - Noah MillsHannah - Sofia Pernas

A drama centered around the world of America's elite undercover military heroes.

D.I.A. Deputy Director Patricia Campbell leads a team of analysts as they utilize highly-advanced surveillance technology from their headquarters in D.C.

In the field, Adam Dalton and his Special Ops squad of expertly-trained undercover specialists risk it all as they execute dangerous missions behind enemy lines in the name of freedom and saving the lives of innocent people.

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Dave B
12/07/17 at 08:26am

Good not great show. Not a big fan of Anne Heche, but she does a great job in this series. Storyline is a bit farfetched but watchable. Good cast and the scripts are good so far.
Jeff Greene
12/01/17 at 09:51am

Brave is terrific because it takes place in different geographies every week and shows the interaction of the team members and those in the DC control center and those in-country. It also gives credit to the members of the Army, Marines, CIA, other special forces and its not just the SEALS. It shows how difficult the missions are and the threats are constantly changing and the team has to adapt. Plz do not cancel in favor of just another dumb reality show or a comedy for morons.
11/28/17 at 03:07pm

So far I really like this show. The plots are interesting and the acting is good. I look forward to getting to know the characters.
And Rowe
11/22/17 at 05:16pm

Love this show. Looking forward every Monday to watch it. Better than Seal Team.
11/21/17 at 02:38am

This is my new favorite show! I hope NBC gives it the chance it deserves.
11/20/17 at 11:37pm

I like THE BRAVE much more than SEAL TEAM and I really liked David Boreanaz on BONES. You get to know each of the characters. On SEAL TEAM (which will probably get picked up) I don't know any of them. All they talk about is the member who died. I hope THE BRAVE is given a chance for more episodes. None of this year's crop of military shows are very realistic but at least THE BRAVE has characters who are interesting.
11/18/17 at 03:56pm

This show is much better than Seal Team. I mean my hubby and I like David Boranez (spelling) but his show is boring. This show has action and intrigue. The characters are working through things and getting to know each other. Yes the support team back in the US needs to be better but the team itself is great.
11/12/17 at 04:57pm

My favorite show of this season. The only show I watch live and then PVR to watch later. This is the show everyone at work is talking about! Love it!
Pierre Lamontre
11/07/17 at 07:16pm

Every episode The Brave becomes more boring. Acting is terrible.
I'm wondering what NBC is waiting for to cancel the series.
11/06/17 at 10:13pm

Very bad show. Hope it will replaced with something more interesting.It would make sense I guess.

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