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Sep 25, 2017 - Present






Patricia - Anne HecheMichael - Mike VogelAnthony - Demetrius GrosseJoseph - Noah MillsHannah - Sofia Pernas

A drama centered around the world of America's elite undercover military heroes.

D.I.A. Deputy Director Patricia Campbell leads a team of analysts as they utilize highly-advanced surveillance technology from their headquarters in D.C.

In the field, Adam Dalton and his Special Ops squad of expertly-trained undercover specialists risk it all as they execute dangerous missions behind enemy lines in the name of freedom and saving the lives of innocent people.

Comments (52)

Patricia graci
02/13/18 at 06:12pm

Great show renew for second season give it a chance look forward to seeing it every week
02/06/18 at 08:54am

Just watched The Brave on demand 1st season. Great show. I am hearing its Cancelled I hope not. This show could have took on CBS THE UNIT. This show could go far provided the network execs do not run scare with political pressure like CBS did with The Unit. NBC stay strong. Again Great Show. Please Renew!
02/03/18 at 02:19pm

Of course this show won't be picked up for a second season. After all, there are not enough gay lover scenes in this show to satisfy the brain damaged LGBT lunatics in the industry.
02/02/18 at 11:37am

Please Please renew - one of the best shows out there !!!
01/31/18 at 07:49am

For me The Brave is a can't wait and a can't miss show! I like the cast! There are so many shows and channels in this day and age. Everything moves so fast Sometimes It takes a pause for someone to find out about the show Let alone have a chance to be invested in a show before It is taken away. It is an entertaining show I really hope that the network would give it a well deserving chance?
01/30/18 at 08:46pm

Great show please renew!
01/30/18 at 05:07pm

Great show!!! Best new show this year and definitely should be renew.
01/30/18 at 04:22pm

Please don’t cancel!!
Linda Raymond
01/30/18 at 07:47am

Love this show. Please give it a chance. There are very few shows left that are this good.
Richard J. Blanco
01/30/18 at 01:07am

NBC, executives please prove you are are not out of touch idiots renew The Brave it is has good story lines and character development !

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