The Brave

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Sep 25, 2017 - Present






Patricia - Anne HecheMichael - Mike VogelAnthony - Demetrius GrosseJoseph - Noah MillsHannah - Sofia Pernas

A drama centered around the world of America's elite undercover military heroes.

D.I.A. Deputy Director Patricia Campbell leads a team of analysts as they utilize highly-advanced surveillance technology from their headquarters in D.C.

In the field, Adam Dalton and his Special Ops squad of expertly-trained undercover specialists risk it all as they execute dangerous missions behind enemy lines in the name of freedom and saving the lives of innocent people.

Comments (6)

10/17/17 at 00:56am

Another show like NCIS, which cannot be beat. So many shows such as this, Valor, The Seal Team if one show has a new idea all channels jump in and try to duplicate the story line. Lets use some real new ideas. BE CREATIVE
09/28/17 at 07:09pm

Wow. This is bad.
A lot.
Really bad.
Cop Rock bad.
09/27/17 at 11:07pm

Very unrealistic show. Sorry to tell you but there are no females serving in US Special Forces as operators. Mabey someday but as of now this is just another bad show trying for all demographics. Seal Team is a much better show even if the main actor is 49 years old.
09/27/17 at 04:10pm

I really liked the pilot! I hope the network gives it a chance and it does well in the ratings. It looks like they've got some really good shows this year!
09/26/17 at 10:22am

Love the show The the actors. Just don't see how they can have a new "kidnap" every week for it to last. I hope it survives like the hostages ✔️
08/29/17 at 12:04pm

Omg, if the lead star on this show is the awful Anne Heche, it's doomed. She's just really bad.

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